Sunny California

Tailback Silas Redd said the biggest difference for him since transferring to USC is the sunshine.
“I’ve never had this many consecutive sunny days in State College,” Redd said. “It was never sunny for more than two days straight.”

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  • The Monopoly is Over Here 2.0

    This just in: Jim L Moran says “We don’t have skin cancer at our campus”

  • How does Scott Wolf keep his job?

    The other big difference is that at Penn State he never had to interact with a lazy, incompetent journalist with a bug up his a$$.


    I have always thought weather had a lot to do with how sports’ fans in especially Philly, NY and Boston are such no-class lunatics. I mean, if it is too hot and humid outside, or in the fall and winter it is too darn cold, you will be in a nasty mood.

    Now, in sunny L.A., we complain if the weather turns 50 in the winter. Of course, we do have summer heat, but take our 90+ and mix it with the rest of the country’s humdity, and I will take L.A’s dry heat every day of the week.

  • Dirk Diggler

    Breaking news: Southern California has nice weather.

  • Cinque Malcolm

    We’re literally getting blog posts about sunny weather in August. Can we get some inside info on how he feels about the food on campus compared to back at Penn St. ? We need info Wolf!

  • BoscoH

    I thought it was always sunny in Philadelphia. Why didn’t they just have camp down there?

  • BiII

    Over time, my dominance not only on this blog but in life, has gone unmatched. Deep down you all respect and honor me as the supreme specimen. Though you joke and mock, it is only to mask your fear. You have all come to an awareness as to who the paramount being is here. My brainpower, mixed with my grey matter and might, has made me the supernova that I am today. You will all continue to go about your lives envious of what I have accomplished, and you will aspire to be all that I am.
    Yet, you will still remain petty and disgusting, beneath me.


  • Gnossos

    “Excuse me, while I kiss the sky.”

  • Belle

    You all know me on this site as ‘Bill’ Soon you will all address me by my proper name… The Great Gazoo


    Whoever types out these “Bill” posts has some serious issues (perhaps of boredom, lack of social life and friends, etc) and not sure I’ve seen anything more pathetic than trolling a blog not to heckle fans of another team but to be just flat out weird.
    Is it Saturday yet? Come kickoff, I’ll no longer be bored enough to actually notice Bill’s comments.


  • steve49

    Ya, I quit looking at his posts quite a while ago. Man I wish we could talk football on this site.

  • malachi crunch5

    thailand mexican likes to fart under his covers and then pull them over his head…so he can smell his fart. Silly thailand mexican.

  • Anonymous

    Sun will make man weak. In mother Russia, we go many months without sun. No problem.


    lol now we have a wannabe russian troll.

  • BiIl

    Fake Bill needs to desist. I will not tolerate this mockery of my name and image. You will pay. You will all pay.