Wittek No. 2

Lane Kiffin did not really say why he chose Max Wittek over Cody Kessler as the backup QB. But I think it had to do with a feeling Wittek might have a bigger upside. He is taller and has a stronger arm.
Kiffin mentioned in training camp a need to lengthen Kessler’s stride so he could have more room behind the line to see. So if things were close to equal, he went with the taller QB.

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  • Evil Robot

    Scott, Scott, Scott, I know that you’ve been thrown for a loop with the whole “coach speak” issue before, what with the “flashed” meltdown and all, but I think you missed the boat again. “Upside” doesn’t mean taller. While I’m certain you actually know what “upside” means, you stated your thought about Wittek having more upside and justified it with “taller”, “lengthen”, “more room to see” and “taller” again. And that was all in three sentences.

    Why didn’t you just go with “Kiffin picked the guy that was easier to pick out in a crowd” and then complain about the color of the no contact jersey he’ll be wearing, now that he’ll be getting 2nd team reps.

  • The Monopoly is Over Here 2.0

    Cuing Austin Powers… “Who does number 2 work for?!”

  • in sheep’s clothing

    this evil robot guy’s got to post more often. good stuff. subject material is well within his wheelhouse – and there’s plenty of it here.

  • Trojanfan

    Hopefully they can both get some quality playing time this year

  • Ben Factor

    I called this one wrong, just as Scott did. I was sure that Wittek’s 2 INTs in the penultimate scrimmage did him in.

    I don’t believe that any other writer even made a prediction. Scott was willing to be wrong in public. Not only that, IMHO, his observations and predictions are not infrequently correct.

    I continue to think that THIS YEAR’s reps in practice and at the end of games will give the #2 (Wittek) a material advantage toward winning the starting job in 2013. However, since I was wrong that Wittek would be named #2, why have confidence in my forecast?

    Hats off to Max Wittek, who persevered and improved when things didn’t go his way at first, and gained what Kiffin called a small edge over Kessler. There’s a lesson for all of us.

  • gotroy22

    How did Cody take the demotion? Is he ok with it or is he considering transferring?

  • NJ Trojan

    @gotroy22: I don’t have any “inside” info but I’m guessing that Kessler will accept it for now but compete any way he can this season & turn it up next spring. If he’s not the starter by the end of spring he’ll have to decide whether he wants to be a back up at USC for the next three years (with a slight chance to start his 5th year or sooner because of injury) or if he wants to transfer for a chance to start somewhere else. He could step down to an FCS program & play right away or transfer to another FBS program that’s not used to bringing in top QBs, sit out a year & play in 2014. A lot of folks say that 6-1 is too short to play QB in the NFL but 3 2012 starters are listed under 6-1 & 8 are listed at 6-2.