Heisman Poll

Here are the full results of the first official Heisman Trophy poll conducted by StiffArmTrophy.com. Fiftty-one actual voters provided an unranked list of candidates. Matt Barkley was listed on 97 percent of the ballots. That tied him with Wisconsin RB Montee Ball, South Carolina RB Marcus Lattimore, Oklahoma QB Landry Jones and Michigan QB Denard Robinson.

The 2012 StiffArmTrophy.com Pre-Season Heisman Poll

rank player weighted% votes
1 Wisconsin RB Montee Ball 97% 50
1 South Carolina RB Marcus Lattimore 97% 50
1 Oklahoma QB Landry Jones 97% 50
1 Michigan QB Denard Robinson 97% 50
5 USC QB Matt Barkley 97% 49
6 West Virginia QB Geno Smith 83% 42
7 Oregon RB De’Anthony Thomas 71% 36
8 Georgia QB Aaron Murray 65% 32
9 Arkansas QB Tyler Wilson 65% 33
10 Clemson QB Tajh Boyd 60% 31
11 USC WR Robert Woods 56% 29
12 Florida St QB EJ Manuel 51% 27
13 Arkansas RB Knile Davis 42% 23
14 Kansas St QB Collin Klein 39% 21
15 Alabama QB AJ McCarron 35% 17
16 Nebraska RB Rex Burkhead 32% 21
17 Virginia Tech QB Logan Thomas 31% 15
18 Washington QB Keith Price 28% 12
19 Oregon RB Kenjon Barner 26% 15
20 Nebraska QB Taylor Martinez 25% 12
21 Ohio St QB Braxton Miller 23% 13
22 LSU DE Sam Montgomery 22% 10
23 Oklahoma St RB Joseph Randle 22% 13
24 South Carolina DL Jadeveon Clowney 18% 9
25 Michigan St RB Le’Veon Bell 18% 10

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  • scidiot

    The preseason polls and watch lists are bad enough. Can’t we at least get one game on the books before listing our Heisman favorites.

  • ProbationU

    Barkley is so great he should get 3 Heismans…his own, the one Reggie Bush had to return and the tarnished one sitting with OJ in his cell with him.

    Fight on!


    I just hope Barkley can win as many Heismans as UCLA has! Could be tough, but definitely possible!!! HAWR-HAWR!!!


  • steve49

    Such a meaningless gesture, and even more meaningless is reporting on it. But then what do we expect here. This whole site is meaningless. Even bill.

  • malachi crunch5

    Farty fart farts. Booger and Poop.

    This blog blows.

  • BiII

    Don’t you EVER equivilate me to meaningless. My existence is worth far more than yours. You will agonize because of your disrespect. I am here to inform you of your place, you are beneath me and do not forget that. I live the good life.


  • malachi crunch5

    Nice copy and paste by the way Wolfbag.

  • Belle

    I am the Great Gazoo from Zaitok. You are all idiots and will look upon my accomplishments with glee and admiration. Gold and money will come my way very soon as you realize my exceptionally large brain is no match for mere human.

    read my profile and you too will be impressed:

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    Beyond simply being a scientist, the Great Gazoo is clearly guilty of Scientism. In creating his doomsday machine, he placed scientific inquiry above all other considerations. In doing so, he demonstrated a complete lack of both logical thinking and humanity.

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    But to what ends did the Great Gazoo focus his capabilities? Few characters in any fictional universe have ever demonstrated such destructive inventive potential. But The Great Gazoo’s people did not herald him as a genius. They exiled him from their world entirely.

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    Had the Great Gazoo done something beneficial or even mostly harmless purely for the pursuit of scientific knowledge (such as cataloging rare chemicals or charting the mating habits of a newly discovered insect), we might admire his single-minded love of scientific knowledge. But his willingness to put literally all considerations aside just to see if he can create something marks his philosophy as “Scientism” (not “science”) in a very frightening, fanatical and archetypal sense.



  • USC – 714

    Dude, you typed way too much. I understand what you’re trying to do but nobody would take the time to read all that.



    If you can’t say it in one paragraph then forgettaboutit.

    Of course, this blog has turned into a cesspool of half the posters doing a “aren’t I wonderful” routine to impress themselves.

    Regarding heisman candidates, my money is on the quarterbacks instead of the running backs because their longevity i.e. threat of injury, is less risk.

  • The Monopoly is Over Here 2.0

    Steve Manfro for Heisman! He’s the white Mamba!

  • Trojanfan

    Hey Belle, you fuckin idiot, keep it short and sweet and don’t forget the meds