Practice Update

USC held a light practice, usually run on Thursday, as today’s workout. Cornerback Brian Baucham will be available to play even though he missed most of training camp because of academic issues.
Linebacker Will Andrew said he understood why his scholarship was not renewed as USC got down to 75 scholarships.
“Whatever the coaches ask me to do, I will do,” he said. “The situation was out of my control.”
USC coach Lane Kiffin said he typically does not explain to walk-ons why they are not renewed.
“He was fortunate to have one for a year,” Kiffin said.
Kiffin said there was no change in the status of freshman wide receiver Darreus Rogers, who is waiting for NCAA Clearinghouse approval.
For some reason, Fox analyst and Ohio State tailback Eddie George wore a USC football T-shirt at practice.

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  • Bri12

    Wolf, what about former LB Simione Vehikite appearing at practice wearing a #39 jersey? Can I get a scoop??

  • malachi crunch5

    The only scoop is poop. Right Wolfbag???

  • BiII

    You are all nothing but disgusting clods, talking about bowel movements and flatulence. You are all truly lower forms of life. Aspire to do better, like earning a UCLA degree like I have.


  • Belle

    Billy, Billy Bill,
    It isn’t a deGree you have from UCLA, it’s a deCree. Heres the link BRU Consent Decree


  • NJ Trojan

    Why is it so surprising that one of the greatest CF TBs of all time would wear a USC T-shirt at a USC practice?

  • NJ Trojan

    I know the team probably needs Rogers but I think it stinks he’s getting Andrew’s scholarship. Or did Negrete get it? Damn that NCAA…