Quote Of The Day

“I’ve always thought pregame talks were the most exaggerated talks in the world. If they’re not ready by then they probably won’t be. My pregame talk will say, ‘Does anybody have to go the restroom?’ ”

— Hawaii coach Norm Chow
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    Love it. Have you ever seen a footballer have to leave the field because he forgot to go to the bathroom upon leaving the locker room?– Nope, nor have I. But it is good advice.

    Motivational speeches?– The jury is out on them i.e. no one can say definitively if they are helpful. But I would guess they’re less successful with athletic teams than, say, business people, because athletics is 90% physical, which has its limitations no matter how motivated you are.

  • BoscoH
  • Cinque Malcolm

    Perhaps Chow should switch up his routine. During his time at UCLA the players skipped the bathroom and just used the field.

  • The Monopoly is Over Here 2.0

    Forget that BoscoH! You mean, have you ever seen Al Pacino’s locker room speech? Check it out!


  • BiII

    I enjoy many more riches than any lawyer.


  • Goatboy Kiffin

    Miss those days when Norm was winning national titles for USC. Those teams were so good. Well coached and talented. SC has had the ‘talented’ down since 2004 … but nothing else. Shame Pete caved to Goatboy Kiffin and Suckisian. Pete/Norm/USC would have won more national titles , maybe more. 2005, 2007,2008 would have been virtual locks with Norm running the offense.

  • ftfo2009

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  • ftfo2009

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