• LovetheCapper

    Scott, any injuries today?

  • ftfo2009

    Hey Wolf, have you heard anything injury news?

  • The Monopoly is Over Here 2.0

    Scooter. Since SC is favored by 40, do you think you might get a chance to get some run on the punt coverage team? I hear they got a pair of clown shoes all shined up for you…

  • oneillwatch

    I guess Lane will never win any awards for diplomacy…”Kiffin said he doesn’t go out of his way to inform walk-ons when their scholarship is not renewed. “They’re never granted longer (than a year),” Kiffin said. “He was fortunate to have one for a year.” What a DB – I wonder how many recruiting prospects’ parents are reading this and wondering how their kids would be treated/publicly humiliated under Kiffin’s tutelage.

  • Bill

    It will hurt recruitng going forward now that Southern Cal doesn’t own the police! Hopefully, this year’s recruiting class knows that, or on second thought, let them find out the hard way!

    Those catsup and mustard shoes will go over very well in prison!

  • How does Scott Wolf keep his job?

    Will Andrew was not recruited. He was a walk-on, which means he was not offered a scholarship prior to enrollment. A walk-on pays tuition like every other student. Andrew was fortunate to have been given a scholarship for one season, which is more than the vast majority of the student body.

    His situation is entirely different than a recruit, who is being asked to attend USC in exchange for free tuition. There is some implicit assumption that a scholarship will be provided for a recruit’s entirement enrollment at a school. This is not the case for a walk-on.

  • oneillwatch

    That was not my point. I know the difference between a recruit and a walk-on. My point was how tactless Kiffin’s comments were to a fool “journalist” who went and broadcast an insensitive comment about a member of his team – and a student of the University – to the world and how he doesn’t seem to mind giving a team member and student even a heads’ up that he may be on the hook for the rather substantial fee bill in a couple of months. Sorry, but Kiffin keeps reinforcing his reputation as a DB.

    If I were the parent of a recruit, I would wonder – scholarship or not – whether I would want to risk this DB dissing my kid to a reporter in the second largest media market in the country.

    Whether Andrew should have felt fortunate to have received a scholarship is beside my point: if there was a reasonable chance that he was going to lose the scholarship, the civil thing to do would have been to communicate that to the player in the spring. I guess that is too much to ask of this narcissistic DB.

  • Bill

    I guess Lame Kitten took “Toejam for life” and replaced it to “Toejam for a year”!

  • ftfo2009

    >Lame Kitten took ‘Toejam for life’ and replaced it to
    >and replaced it to
    >replaced it to

    learn to grammar faggot