No Thanks, Larry

The Pac-12 told DirecTV subscribers today to switch to another service if you want to watch the Pac-12 Networks.
So give up hundreds of channels for another service just so you can get a network that barely registers a pulse at this point and has little interest unless you are a conference suck-up?
And what if you change and the Pac-12 reaches a deal with DirecTV next week? Do you make a third change? Larry Scott should relax. Letter here.

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  • ftfo2009

    Yeah, dude. Scott should totally not do his job. The other Scott already does also.

  • LovetheCapper

    Let’s guess what SW the freeloader has?

  • How does Scott Wolf keep his job?

    Wolf bitched all summer that DirecTV did not have a video programming agreement with the Pac-12 network. And now he turns up his nose at the idea of watching the network. Its an outrage one week, yet he’s supposedly indifferent the next.

    But this is not actually about the Pac-12 network, Larry Scott, DirecTV, etc. It comes down to the fact that some of Wolf’s media “peers” experience career progression and undertake new ventures and opportunities; meanwhile, Wolf is an unlikable fool that is stuck at a fourth rate newspaper with no prospects.

  • TrojanRick

    Until Sept. 25, you really do not have to make any changes, as the Cal game is the first game on the PAC-12 network.
    Just play a wait and see game.
    The PAC-12 network needs DirecTV viewers more than the reverse as they need to sell advertising space, and without the SC fanbase, the network struggles to survive.
    Larry, you were no good for tennis and you have a big headstart for being no good for the PAC-12 unless you get the DirecTV customers. Selling all the rest of the conference sports schedule will generate no revenue in comparison to the football revenue, so time is of the essence.

  • malachi crunch5

    Farty fart fart. Poopy pants.

  • bazinga

    Do you make a third change? What was the second change?