• LovetheCapper

    Billy’s pocket pool game: left 4. right 1

  • BiII

    You have disrespected me one too many times and it will NOT be TOLERATED. This will not go unavenged. Nobody treats me in such a manner.


  • BearPuss

    The way my life’s been going,

    Rice 50

    Bearpuss 0

    I better not be right.

  • oneohsixseven

    UCLA : 14
    Rice : 10


    The score SHOULD be 50-0, but since it’s UCLA…

    Rice 20
    UCLA 24

  • LovetheCapper

    Hundley will run wild. BRuins 31. Rice 17.

    Hundley takes the snap, Lessa hollars “COPS”, 80 yd TD run!

    Bill goes overtime as right beats left 1-0.

  • ftfo2009


  • Cinque Malcolm

    Another pointless post that has nothing to do with USC football, on top of the fact that you’re asking about a game no one cares about. Here are some filler questions you could have asked that actually have something to do with USC football:

    *Who do you think will emerge as the 3rd receiver?
    *How early does Wittek see the field vs. Hawaii
    *Will Wright and Starling split time or will Starling one again hold onto his spot?



  • BoscoH

    UCLA 37
    Rice 17

    Rice plays competitively for the first half (14-10 Bruins), but throws in the owl after the break. Jim Mora Jr. celebrated as the man that will restore the glory of the Dorell era to Westwood. Most fans unable to find CBSSports Network on TV. Biggest question of the night… Will it be televised in HD?

  • You say timeout, I say touchdown!

    Pac12 South “Champions” (HAHAHAHAHA!!!!): 30
    Rice: 26

    They probably do think they’re the defending Champs huh?

  • scidiot

    Owls 49
    bRuins 0

    Rice is no USC

  • Bill

    Getting a jump on Saturday

    USC – 34
    Hawaii – 35

    The ghost of the Stanford Cardinal returns! Berkely throws 4 picks / 2 of them Pick Sixes. Southern Cal loses any right to play in the NC game on Week 1!

  • ftfo2009


    Bet on the game then fag.

  • carlosb

    LMAO..it’s only on the CBSSN.. meaning that it’s on a special tier .. at least at Time Warner.. Damn sure not going to actually pay extra, just to see those bums play.

  • dtksr1

    Unless USC is playing that University across town this week, I don’t care who or what they score. And you will never see me post on another school’s website because I am envious & pissed my own schools’ administration doesn’t give a shit about football…

  • BigBunnyFuFu

    UCLA 24
    RICE 14

  • Trojanfan


    3 field golds

    I’m sure the halftime show will be more entertaining than the game


    I dont even have CBS Sports Network on DirecTV

  • Bill

    Looks like the start of a dynasty! Time for the Franklin and Hundley for Heisman campaign! Move over Berkley, you are old news now!

  • Trojanfan

    ^^^^^Bill just said, “for those of you that can’t get the CBS Sports Network, there will be a simulcast on the cartoon network”

    Thank you Bill!!!!

  • LovetheCapper

    Bill, did you see Hundley carrying that football on his first carry? That ball is a lot lighter than a Sony big screen.

  • Trojanfan

    The Ruin’s may of shot their load too soon


    LOL at UCLA fans. Rice = 111 ranked defense last year. There’s room to go LOWER! (chortle)