• LovetheCapper

    Scott, you are trying to make a big deal out of this scholarship stuff. Nobody cares.

  • bushwhite

    bad move…we now look like we are trolling around at Chino looking for football players….

    The kicker? how much is he even going to play anyway?

    We already have the emergency plan of moving LB’s around and playing Sarao at SLB if need be. we also have burnett and Scott Starr, just in case one of the starters geets hurt. I am not real worried about it as they are all very durable and only LD missed a few games last year because of a sprained ankle.

    When was the last time he played organized football?
    And I don’t mean in the correctional league. It’s not like he can go ut and play vs. Hawaii. It’s gonna take him a whle to get back into shape and learn the D.

    All he is gonna do is “provide depth” on the DC.

    I have already trolled the ND and UCLA and other boards they are having a field day with this..

    a real shame..

  • spedjones

    Yawn. Another criminal on SUCs football team. What’s new?