Sunny California

Tailback Silas Redd said the biggest difference for him since transferring to USC is the sunshine.
“I’ve never had this many consecutive sunny days in State College,” Redd said. “It was never sunny for more than two days straight.”

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Practice Report

Lane Kiffin was irked today at practice that the offense struggled. Matt Barkley threw an interception and said he also was unhappy with the offensive performance in terms of false starts or lining up slightly out of place.
But with Hawaii ahead, minus-40 points, isn’t Tuesday practice likely to be harder than Saturday’s game?

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Marketing Gaffe


A billboard of USC quarterback Matt Barkley in Westwood was removed today. A USC spokesperson claimed the billboard’s purpose was not “to taunt.”
But placing a billboard in Westwood strikes me as a case of punching down. Remember when Oregon put a picture of its players on the side of a building down the street from USC?
That might be something you do when you are the little school trying to make a splash. But not when you are the big dog.
USC seems to forget that in its rush sometimes to be innovative from a marketing standpoint. USC is ranked No. 1 in the nation. It should act like it.

Mel Melcon/Los Angeles Times
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Wittek No. 2

Lane Kiffin did not really say why he chose Max Wittek over Cody Kessler as the backup QB. But I think it had to do with a feeling Wittek might have a bigger upside. He is taller and has a stronger arm.
Kiffin mentioned in training camp a need to lengthen Kessler’s stride so he could have more room behind the line to see. So if things were close to equal, he went with the taller QB.

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