Discuss The Game

A blowout as expected. What did you like, dislike? I listed my positives and negatives below. I’ll be interested to hear Lane Kiffin’s comments on 2-point conversions.

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  • TrojanPete

    D-line was a question mark coming into the season. Although it’s only one game and against Hawaii at that, they looked strong. Uko and Townsend looked good and BRESLIN WAS A MONSTER!!!

  • steve49

    Bark did get great protection, the run needs line work.

  • steve49

    Hey Scott, where do visiting teams do walk thru now that they can’t use the stadium

  • calkidd32

    The defense showed tons of gaps. I’m watching Oregon now and seriously concerned about our ability to contain them.

    Barkley was good if not great. Lee was phenomenal. Offensive line was great as well

  • oregon111

    Lee is a once in a lifetime kind of player,

    no doubt you have a great offense, but the pass defense left a lot of receivers open

  • Cheatthesystem

    Hawaii always has great passing attack. I expected to give up 24-28 points.

    Our game with Oregon will come down to who makes more plays, just as it has for the past 16-17 years.

    Arkansas St is coached by a great Offensive mind, but they are not USC…they are not even Washington St…apologies to Mike Leach.

    Right now, we have to worry about taking a flight to NY and playing a game in a strange stadium at a very EARLY (to us) hour.

    Fight On! Nice to see that we have tons of room for improvement and we still played at what Wolfie will grade us a C- for. Coaching D…

  • schammer47

    Trojan running game looked fine to me. Silas Redd is the real thing. Physical with speed, moves and good hands. McNeal will be a strong compliment to the running game. Barkley looks like a Payton Manning clone. HOORAH !!! Wittek played with confidance and precision but is slow afoot. Ocean 111, your secondary will have to play the game of their lives to keep the game CLOSE.

    No gaps in the defense front seven. NONE. For the first time in my memory, since PC’s first game, our Head Coach FREELY SUBSTITUTED THE DEFENSE THROUOUT THE GAME. Good Work, Coach Kiff. KEEP IT UP !!!

    Caution…subtitution in the secondary ain’t workin. So go the distance with the FOUR BEST secondary players. Our depth of talent and FANATICISM at DL and LB is good enough TODAY to stuff the Ducks and take us to Miami to play for the 2013 BCS GLASS FOOTBALL and the AP NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP. No Gaps. No Room.

    UCLA vs NEBRASKA will reveal much about both teams. A Bruin loss would be big time depressing to the PAC-12.


  • gotroy22

    Is Kal really that bad and is Tedford a Dead Man Walking?

  • bushwhite

    sure Scott, this might be kind of long–

    1. we need to take out expectations down a peg. The team I saw yesterday is not going to the NC game. More like Rose bowl or other major bowl. Oregon for one, will eat us alive.

    2. Let’s start with the offense. O line was terrible. Terrible. Hawaii D line won the battle at the LOS all night. MB under pressure which resulted in bad throws and miss communication with WR’s. 0 running game. Somebody better kick all their asses into gear.

    3. Game plan = “throw whenever and wherever possible 70 times per game so Matt wins the heisman” This is probably going to be the plan every game..easy for the other team to figure out and also incredibly stupid.

    4. the WR’s had trouble getting open vs. the hawaii DB’s…huh?? how could this happen? Other teams noticed, don’t worry, jamming and pressing woods and Lee worked for Hawaii.

    5. When did we adopt the Raider’s “mad bomber” offense?
    Throw the ball 50 yards down the field and hope someone catches it? We couldn’t sustain drives because of no running game, the announcers pointed out that LK was calling shorter routes because the O line couldn’t handle the hawaii pressure so we couldn’t convert 4rd downs..really depressing.

    I will follow Scott’s example-

    QB- B getting into a cat fight with M Lee 1st game of the season doesn’t give me confidence

    Oline- F wow…

    Play calling- D 30 yd bomb to M Lee every play isn’t going to get us to the NC game

    RB’s – A nice work by McNeal and Redd, the few times they were allowed to run the ball

  • bushwhite

    OK now the Defense

    1. I was surprised how well the D played I have been calling them the weak spot all pre season.

    2. D line was ok. Take a deep breath folks we were playing Hawaii not Alabama or Oregon. But Townsend Williams and Uko looked pretty darn good. Good enough to beat Oregon 2x? Maybe..and I agree, Morgan Breslin is awesome..he should be starting.

    3. LB needs alot of work. D Bailey is now hurt and Dawson didn’t even play. Quite a few times Sarao made a real bad decision leading to long runs by Hawaii RB’s. hawaii RB’s…not K Barner or DAT. Hard to criticize these young men as they just don’t have much experience but it’s gonna bite us in the ass.

    4. DB-B Baucham has to be,without a doubt, the worst CB ever to wear a Trojan jersey. I don’t think he could cover my 13 year old nephew. My god. What is he even doing on the team? J Starling seems to of lost his 2011 form and is back to being lost on the field..N Robey and McDonald did well but we need something figured out per the other 2 positions. D Mcallister did well why not try him? Where was J Shaw all night?? Let’s face it, a QB who couldn’t start at Duke did a pretty good job in the 2nd quarter of cutting up our secondary.

    5. If you watched, the Defense looks like it did in 2010. Monte’s overly complex defense confuses them and it looks like a Chinese fire drill out there with plays running around trying to figure out where they are supposed to be. That’s how Oregon hung 50+ on us..running over a confused defense.

    D line – B nice work overall but let’s see how they do vs. a real team

    LB’s – C needs alot of reps

    CB’s- C except for Robey and McDonald, not much good here

    coaching – D players again confused by monte’s overly complex defense, gave up once we were ahead by 20+ points

    Overyly, If we had played Alabama yesterday, or Oregon or LSU our NC dreams would be over

  • oregon111


    I watched most of yours and all of ours…

    I was shocked at how bad Oregon’s backups played – I thought they were much better than that – except for Howie Long’s kid at offensive tackle – he was really good

    your defensive backups were OK, for the most part

    the hawaii players were small, slow, and not very aggressive or athletic

    the Ark st players were SEC wannabees, but not even close to ready for prime time

    it was the first game since 8 months ago

    in conclusion: nobody can project much from the first game, except…

    Marcus Mariotta is way, way, way better than Darron Thomas – so no matter what else, Oregon will be better on offense than they were last year

    And… Oregon’s starting CBs are also way, way, way better than they were last year (their first year playing) – so the pass defense will be better also

    AND, I don’t see USC being and better or scarier than they were last year – but maybe there is stuff I just don’t know about


    I think the most important factor of USC vs Oregon is — who will be more healthy – cuz neither team can afford to lose their star players

  • bushwhite


    a poster on conquest chronicles said the game was “disjointed” which is a good description. There was no flow for the USC Offense..no continuity..because all we were doing was lining up and bombing away …

  • bushwhite


    Thanks for the input. I stopped watching your game at 50-3, didn’t see much point in watching more.

    alot of trojan fans are really harping on the fact that ASU got 34 pts but that is only because UO was playing the walk ons in the 2nd half. If, in your opinion, they didn’t look good you know better than I do. could be a problem there.

    I agree, ASU and Hawaii are not real tough opponents.
    Your QB did look good.

    yeah, hopefully everyone will stay healthy..

  • oregon111

    bushwhite, I follow my team like an obsession – can’t say why, but…

    a lot of the Oregon defensive players that got scored upon were fairly high up on the depth chart (although not number ones)

    I could be wrong, but I think the Ducks in the second half were playing some kind of a prevent defense – to let them keep moving the ball

    and then on the offensive side – all those handoffs up the center’s butt – with no lead blocker – no chance to succeed

    It seems to me like they ‘played bad on purpose’ from the end of the second qtr on

    maybe the coaching staff wanted the game to go that way so they could grade out the linemen without the benefit of good play calling?

    your fellow trojan fans should not read anything into Ark st scoring late with such ease

    it was more like an abberation – and I’m not the type to make excuses for my team (except when you beat us)

  • oregon111

    ok, watched it again, here is why Ark st scored…

    many of the D in 3rd qtr never played a game before, or only played very little before – many true freshman and redshirt guys

    then late in 3rd qtr and on, they played guys who will only play in blowouts

    if Oregon D is intact, Barkley will be lucky to get to 30