World According To Kiffin

Lane Kiffin said tonight after he was informed kicker Andre Heidari was injured, he went for three two-point conversions because the odds were higher than using backup kicker Craig McMahon for extra points.
Is he serious?
It is generally accepted the conversion rate for two-point plays is between 40-55 percent. At USC, of course, it is much lower. But I digress.
Does Kiffin really think McMahon’s chances of making a kick from 20 yards is 55 percent? Unreal.
Kiffin made it clear he did not go for two points to “disrespect” Hawaii.

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  • ThaiMex

    Mercy Fuck!ing NURSE! You know what this means…don’t you? It means EQUALING LAST SEASONS 1 WIN, In Conference record, is within reach! Nubsie, mono,…one of you idiots….get in touch with the printers. This years BANNER (hanging next to the CURTAINS) is gonna look swell!
    (Between Jailbirds being released early and allowed to join the Football team immediately, and PLAYA’S being declared academically ineligible, and NEW NCAA VIOLATIONS…it’s no wonder you guys are all arrogant!)
    fit on Torgan

  • How does Scott Wolf keep his job?

    Wolf, your righteous indignation is very moving…

    But you are failiing to do simple math because you aer obviously blinded by your girl-like histrionics. If there is a 50% chance of converting a 2 point conversion, then the average extra point gained by going for the 2 point is 1 point (50% * 2 points). Therefore, a coach should always go for 2 points if he believes the likelihood of getting the 1 point on a kick is less than 100%.

    You obviously suck at math, as much as you do at your job. But I digress. We are all laughing at you, because no one respects you. Unreal.

  • Cinque Malcolm

    Only a moron like Wolf, whether his schtick is an act or not, would harp on extra points in a game that was obviously going to be a blowout, thus enabling us to try new things with little risk. In addition to that our All-Pac 10 kicker, who had the third best FG conversion rate in the nation, had injury issues. No one respects you Wolf, and you’re actually getting worse. You add nothing to the game experience or add any insight worth discussing.

  • Jethro G. Sabbath

    A little confused, Thai ?

  • scsyco

    Probably pissed his bet on the -42 didn’t cover – or at least push – because of the 3 missed points. What a Malaka!

  • USC owns the Rose Bowl

    UCLA scores 72-yard TD on first play of season?
    USC scored 75-yard TD on first play of the season.


  • gotroy22

    NJ, why do you agree they should have given the backup kicker practice during a blowout in case Hedari’s injury or durability becomes a factor over the season? If you put yourself through the torture of watching fucla Thursday you saw the utter incompetence of their special teams missing THREE extra points and how important it is to have that down.

  • Belle

    Thanks for the shout out coach. We knew you didn’t want to disrespect the Rainbow Coalition.


  • NJ Trojan

    @gotroy: I think going for 2 is dumb unless you need it or you go for it every time on the theory that you will actaully score more points (even that theory has a problem in that you might not score enough in a particular game. MMcMahon would have been fine.