Defensive Star

Maybe defensive end Morgan Breslin was the defensive star of the game. Breslin had five tackles, one sack, two tackles for loss and two pass breakups.
Linebacker Dion Bailey led the Trojans with seven tackles before he suffered an undisclosed injury. Cornerback Anthony Brown had six tackles. Linebacker Hayes Pullard had six tackles and an interception.

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  • bushwhite

    Scott do you have any info on the alleged JM /DJ problem?

    Not allowed to say?

    Any info would be great as, it’s nice watching the Hawaii game and looking ahead to the cuse game but if all our 2012 wins are going to end up being vacated because of JMcknight what’s the point?

    This is what is bothering me : I remember reading your blog in 2009 when the land rover incident happened. JM said he borrowed a car…it was investigated by USC who found nothing wrong. NCAA accepted that. Now, if the NCAA comes back and digs into this and finds that USC basically lied or didn’t reveal everything between Schenter and JM and DJ…we would be in alot of trouble. And, if JM did receive $30000 I can’t even imagine..that would probably cost us 5 more scholies per year, more bowl bans and probation and sanctions. That could end the program for a while, being on the same level as Penn St. who just lost to Ohio U. Not to mention the BB team, which already sucks due to Floyd and Mayo and now will be even worse.

    There is a good discussion going on usc.rivals about this subject and how far do we go with this? follow players around with a PI? Make up a list of players we think might be looking for cash and tap their phones?

    It is a good point. I think it has to start with recruiting. The coaching staff has to look past the star ranking a little and think about the kid’s personality and situation.I know it’s difficult and even Notre Dame has had scandals with players taking money (and other things which I won’t mention involving female boosters) but CLK should try to not offer to players who might eventually be on the take.

    What was with the Carroll program anyway? I mean, it wasn’t Miami level, or what happened at SMU, but I remember so many things from his reign..this with Mcknight, Rey M drunk in a bar beating up people. Was it Eric Wright who had like 1000 ecstasy pills in his dorm room, all the allegations of Cushing and steroids, bush, Tyler who said he in going to “take a pay cut” when he goes to the NFL…I know PC was busy outside of football with his “better LA” and website and all that..did he really not know this stuff was going on? Or…?

    Either way it’s another black eye as ESPN has been running the JM/DJ story every 10 minutes on their ticker..

  • NJ Trojan

    Niether Breslin nor Sarao looked his listed weight.

  • Trojsteve5

    It makes sense that Anthony Brown had six tackles since he was nowhere near the receivers most of the game. A very disappointing performance in my opinion.