A lot of fans have been unhappy the past two years that USC did not sue the NCAA following the two-year bowl ban and other sanctions. Or that USC did not try to re-open its case with the NCAA after committee chairman Paul Dee’s reputation was badly damaged after allegations arose against Miami.
But how better off is USC today for not suing or continuing to protest in light of the current allegations involving Joe McKnight and Davon Jefferson? This might be the test to see if good relations with the NCAA pay off.

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  • twenty-twenty

    New facts sometimes subsequently come to light in investigations but double jeopardy must not occur. The NCAA has made a determination, imposed sanctions and we honored it. That should be the end of the story.
    Good to have Haden at the helm!

  • DixieTrojan

    Best case scenario: USC will have to vacate all 2009 wins. Big deal.

    Most likely scenario (IMO): NCAA will suggest that USC decline this year’s post season play, which Haden will oblige (and I would agree).

    I hope I’m wrong here. But one cannot predict how the NCAA will handle things. Personally, I have no confidence that they will go easy on USC.

  • twenty-twenty

    I would never, ever decline a bowl bid this season. I would never sell out Barkley & Co. Fight On!
    The NCAA made their case 2005-2009 LOIC and that’s enough. NCAA investigated McKnight(2009) and found nothing. They ruled and handed down ridiculously harsh sanctions which we accepted. Enough is enough.

  • sctrojan84

    As this article suggests, there is more to the story than we were originally told…might explain why McKnight left early when it was fairly curious as to why he would have.

  • LovetheCapper

    Dixie / 20 must be on weed. Decline a bowl bid? Good to have Patty at the helm? Hahaha. First of all, F the NCAA. Next, Haden is a sellout with The Greek. Both only care about their perception. Get real.

  • carlosb

    What a bunch of bullshit! Dixie, I can’t eff’n believe that you’re even a Trojan after that dumb statement!
    What ever happened prior to the sanctions falls under the umbrella of those sanctions. Done deal! This is a stupid ass story meant to sell news on opening day of the SC schedule. It’s BS and irrelevant! Move On and Fight On!

  • BigContinuous

    Deez Nuts

  • DixieTrojan

    Querido Carlos:

    I admire your optimism, sir. For the record, I hope you are right.

    In the meantime, I will bask in your genius.

  • bushwhite

    ok gonna weigh in as this has already ruined my season –

    Dixie, nice post. We shouldn’t be insulting you as a fellow Trojan fan.

    For my .02 cents, PH won’t decline a bowl bid this year. If we sucked and were headed to the belk bowl, he would consider it. But not when we have a shot at the MNC game.

    Haden will continue the investigation, put together a package he hopes the NCAA will accept, emphasize how USC is in total compliance now, and cross his fingers.

    I think he would emphasize that we already held JM out of the nut bowl for punishment, and would offer to vacate all the 2009 wins, return the money from the nut bowl and possibly extend probation. In other words, a hand slap if he can get away with it.

    Will the NCAA go for it? I hope so…I think they would as we have already investigated this and discussed it with them and nothing was done, and we are already being punished for LOIC. I can’t see them tossing alot more on for an airplane ticket.

    the problem could be if they feel JM got payments of any kind, $30000 or whatever the amount is. DJ did, it appears. If they do, we could be in for some trouble…like more scholies lost..more bowl bans..the only thing discussed in 2009 was the car, not airplane tickets and payments…

    Like scott says, it’s a good thing we didn’t fight them more. And LK better start playing nice too. I hate the NCAA nazis also, Haden better come ready to play..

  • TrojanPete

    Unless the LA Times has more information and it decides to drop it piecemeal throughout the season (wouldn’t surprise me), we won’t have the entire story for a while. Remember, this is just a side story to a major criminal investigation. USC and the NCAA won’t have access to this Schenter clown for a while, if ever. Not sure how willing McKnight and Jefferson will be to cooperate but this crap takes months easily. No reason to jump to conclusions.

  • carlosb

    Dixie.. Lo siento mucho. Apologize for the rapid jump into pissed off mode. I do have confidence though as they already tried and hung us. Whatever ended up happening, should be water under the bridge. We appealed and they shoved it up our ass, so they should be done! Fight On!

  • Trojan Conquest

    The bigger question that the NCAA has to address is how to deal with players who independently take benefits from people who have no connection to the school. How about having all NCAA players sign a contract (since most are adults) that if they take illegal benefits, the NCAA will be awarded a large amount of money. Say they lose 50% of their income for 3 years.

  • wrong

    Schools should be able to sue (former) players for damages if they are found to have violated their end of the agreement in a way that leads to the school being punished. Former players certainly try to sue the school if they feel they are violated. Should work both ways.

    I doubt a school would want to be the first to try because of the bad PR. Accountability and honor don’t run very deep though.

    That being said, I believe that student-athletes should be able to have the full cost of attending covered, and they should also receive a substantial percentage of earnings from the use of their likeness at the time they graduate from that school (if graduating in 6 years or less).

  • bushwhite

    Yeah something has to be done Conquest..and Pete, I hope your not right but you probably are. I would like to get this over with ASAP like tomorrow and move on. If this drags out for a year or longer, it’s more of our already tarnished rep going into the toilet as a pay for play school. If this is going to be on the ESPN ticker every saturday, can imagine what the rest of the country will think. Reggie Bush II.

    Alot of USC fans are downplaying this and saying old news already investigated or he is not a sports agents so it doesn’t matter or statue of limitations has passed but they are all wrong. It was 3 years ago so it can be investigated. Whether Schenter is licensed agent or booster doesn’t matter. If I fly to LA and give Silas Redd 30000 and say welcome to the team I am a Trojan fan, it’s a violation. And the car was investigated in 2009, not the ticket or alleged payments.

    McKnight is as tight lipped as Bush, he will never say a thing. He has already said , don’t know the man never talked to him. Unfortunately, this seems out of place since Schenter bought him a airplane ticket. We have proof of that from Delta. That is what scares me. JM won’t talk and schenter bought him a ticket and loaned him 2 cars..if the NCAA pokes around and finds Reggie Bush II and JM was getting payments , we are in a lot of trouble. That means we were still doing this crap after we were in trouble for doing the same thing with Bush. And the NCAA is not gonna like that at all…

  • bushwhite

    and DJ plays BB in Europe.

    They tried to contact him, he said he knows nothing about it and has no interest in discussing it.

    So, JM and DJ will never say a thing.

    It’s gonna be up to the NCAA and what they decide, hopefully they will buy PH’s “investigation” and leave us alone..

  • bushwhite

    the really sad part is, Haden is going to sacrifice the BB team again. The most damning evidence they have no is against DJ, since he is listed by name as getting $3000

    I bet PH will try to shift the focus onto him and nail the BB team again with more sanctions and scholie losses..and Jio fontan and everyone was able to play this year and next..things were finally looking up for the BB team that couldn’t get 2000 people to watch a game last year..

  • kcd1

    Unfortunate. Bottom line, however: MG didn’t have control of the athletic dept and we are still paying for sins committed under his tenure. I wish it were as easy as closing our eyes tightly and just wishing this would go away. The only way to lose the “pay to play” rep is to, um, not pay players to play for us (pay = tickets, cars, etc). We need to suck it up, take the appropriate penalty, and move on under a better leadership team with PH and co.

  • TrojanPete

    Hahahaha. Nice one, kcd1. Yeah, “we” should stop paying “our” players. Except that you are a Bruin troll. A simple Google search reveals that you are an ardent poster on Gold’s blog. You have some really good gems in there. I love the ones about how Dorrell had the “winds changing” in LA. Or how Neuheisal was going to be such a great hire. You just want SC to go away because you realize that this is the only way your Bruins will make it into the Pac-12 championship game. Nice try.

  • bushwhite

    Nice detective work Pete. Your as good as Karl Kolchak.

    I used to do the same thing on to irritate the Irish fans.

    That’s what I hate. I live in the midwest and everyone here refers to USC as “cheaters” and “they pay their players”.

    USC doesn’t pay their players. It’s not like PC and now CLK dip into the international student fund to get some $$$ to pay silas redd. JM and RB took money from people who had nothing to do with USC. These were actions by individuals that had no connection to the university at all. USC is guilty of not watching it’s players closely enough, for sure. But it’s not like the plan is “hey get JM a new Monte Carlo and we will be #1 for sure!”

    There are instances of colleges actually CHEATING and paying their players, like SMU and Michigan and it’s “Fab five” basketball team. But USC is not one of them.

  • USC – 714

    bushwhite, USC beat writer Dan Weber said all this BS is “much ado about nothing”

    Dont get your panties in a bunch.


    1. If these latest allegations had been known when the NCAA was handing out its SC penalty, would the Trojans have been sanctioned more harshly?– I don’t believe so, so why should the school be further punished?

    2. How does a school stop its athletes from accepting gifts/money from people it has no control over?— Many of these athletes have never seen any real money in their young lives, and so the temptation is great. And the school cannot police all these kids. So this problem exists at many colleges if not all of them, and there is no total solution.

  • Ben Factor

    Lawyer John, don’t you think the outcome will turn on what USC should have investigated given what they already knew about McKnight and car, and/or should have reported to the NCAA?

    If USC took the obvious investigatory steps and reported those and its findings to the NCAA, I don’t see a problem. If USC was really lax in the investigation, I see some problem. If USC covered up findings, it will be bad.

    I have some faith that such serious malfeasance or gross negligence by USC won’t be found. USC already had lawyers involved in the Bush matter, and I’m sure the lawyers told USC to keep its nose clean during the NCAA proceedings.

    I hope my faith is not misplaced.

    In the absence of malfeasance/gross negligence, since harsh penalties were already imposed, I am inclined to think that this will not turn out to be a big deal.

    I disagree about USC’s ability to keep BETTER tabs on its athletes, particularly its stars. The figure mentioned regarding McKnight was $30,000.00. We’re not talking about a fan slipping a kid $500 in cash for a great game.

  • Bill

    If such average players are getting huge cash payments, what about the real stars on the team? One of Pete Carrol’s selling points was that he had “contacts” and “resources” in the NFL, which was why these guys had free reign around the players and at practice!

    How much was Tyler getting since it would be a pay cut to go to the NFL? How much did it cost to land Berkley? All you have to do is ask around Mater Dei. Dillon Baxter, remember him? If they are paying average players, how much is Berkley’s cousin or brother getting?

    Cheat On Part II!


    Well, Ben Factor, it didn’t even occur to me that SC would have hidden (or should have known about) such information during the investigation. If that proves to be the case, and it would be difficult to prove, then that would change the complexion of the matte

    And of course the NCAA did not have due process “caliber” evidence in the Bush matter, but that didn’t stop it. So whenver the NCAA is involved there is anguish about what it might do.

  • ThaiMex

    and you still refer to yourself as an institution of higher learning?
    fit on Torgan.
    (limbo U is closer to the bottom than they’ve ever been)

  • ftfo2009

    hopefully the bcs will convince the ncaa to take some midol and calm the fuck down, because nobody (except bitter bruins) who hasn’t fucked a farm animal wants to watch sec rematches in the championship game.

  • ftfo2009

    It cost a huge amount of money to land Berkley. It’s a pretty big school with a lot of buildings and shit.



    You do realize that calling us limbo U, and then saying we’re hitting rock bottom is completely contradictory right?

  • bushwhite

    Bill got off work at JITB early today…

    You know what is contradictory Thaimex?

    You coming on here posting about our “scandal” while shabazz muhammed is all over ESPN, fox sports, and everywhere else..hahahaha

  • bushwhite

    What did UCLA pay for shabazz muhammed? $30000? 40000?

    cheat on my friend..:))

  • bushwhite

    UCLA is down in basketball recruiting and all of a sudden, gee whiz! they get the #1 class in the nation!

    wow and these players are there just for their love of UCLA! yes I believe that!


  • bushwhite

    714 yeah sorry…

    I opened up my own chat room to rant, join me if anyone wants,,hw6mj7xtxgcm

  • ThaiMex

    Shazzzzzam and his possible issues have nothing to do with U.C.L.A. unlike the relationship between SCUm and REGGIE BUSH or The relationship between O.J. MAYO and SCUm…. How proud and arrogant are you doUSChe bags because the CONVICTED FELON was released from JAIL and IMMEDIATELY joined your football team? You folks set some great examples for youth. You can’t spell SCUm without usc.
    Fit on Fig Tech!

  • ftfo2009

    Oddly enough there is no actual evidence Bush had anything to do with USC, but that didn’t really stop the ncaa did it (remember how the federal investigation didn’t come up with anything?).

    Was it a lot of fun spending your weekend and Labor Day trolling this site? I sure hope so!