USC-Hawaii Report Card

Here are the grades for the first game of the season.



Matt Barkley did not hurt Heisman chances. Did Marqise Lee?



Maybe the season starts next week for the tailbacks.



Maybe the best job in college football is coaching Marqise Lee and Robert Woods.


With four starters back running ball on Hawaii should have been easy.



JC transfer Morgan Breslin made people forget starting DE Wes Horton is injured.



Hayes Pullard might be the best middle linebacker on team despite first start there.

There was a lot of open room for Hawaii’s receivers if the quarterback could get ball there.



Marqise Lee made great kick return but punting did not look sharp.


Just when you thought it was safe to watch a USC game without two-point conversions.


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  • WRSC

    And as always SCOTT WOLF gets D-.

  • Evil Robot

    Comical as usual. Barkley throws for 372 yards and 3TD’s, despite only playing six and a half minutes in the second half, seems like B work to me.

  • LovetheCapper



    Over the years it has become clear that Wolf enjoys being controversial, that he loves to stir things up, whether he believes what he writes or not


    Maybe the posters should start their own grading:

    QB A 5 tds and no interceptions is very good

    Running B- Not many chances, but did ok

    Receivers B+ Deserve an “A” but we’re spoiled

    Off Line B- No sacks; running holds could improve

    Def line A- Held their ground and got sacks

    Linebackers B+ Hawaii running game nonexistent

    Def Backs C+ Let some passes through; should improve

    Spec Teams B 100 yd dash it worth an “A”

    Coaching B Come on. 49-10 shows they did o.k.

  • BoscoH

    How’s that phrase go? “The B students win championships.”

  • schammer47

    My attempt:

    QB A- Missed several short rollout right passes. Otherwise, perfect.

    RB B+ Silas Redd’s TD run NICE !!! His pass reception and run was fun to watch until the fumble.

    WR A An A+ except for several dropped passes. Who is the du*b a$$ who starts a Summer football game in the Memorial Coliseum at 4:40 pm? The sun and shadows were fu*king deadly.

    OL A Pass protection
    B- Run blocking. Pixx poor blocking on sweeps

    DL A Gotta be !!! Looked like at least 8 Big Dogs were rotated in and out. KICKED A$$ AND TOOK NAMES FOR DARN NEAR THE ENTIRE GAME.

    LB A Sweet !!! Anthony Sarao played BIG, FAST. Is Mr. Bullard really 235 pounds? He’s better then “All Right.” Who fills in for Bailey? We could sure use Dallas Kelley, Will Andrews or Marquis Simmons SIZE, esp. against the Tribe.

    DB C- I think the multiple rotation in the secondary really hurt their coordination.

    Extra Point/Field Goal ??? My goodness. Wolfbag, Somebody, how badly hurt is our KICKER? We need him or someone just like him to go all the way.

    Coaching A+ Rotating the defense. F Rotating the secondary. Otherwise, A Intensity, Preparation

    FIGHT ON !!!

  • Son of CharIie Bucket

    Southern Cal grade: B–

    Pious Passer: C+ 15 incompletions against a JC talent-level team??? also he showed a lack of cool screaming at his receivers on a play where he took a hit.

    Kiff: B

    wolfman: A+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

    Cadre: A yeah, we got game.

  • I DIg Go Go Girls

    Barkley gets a B, he was OK not great

    Running game gets a C, better improve

    WR’s, B made big plays and dropped balls as well

    OL C, no holes

    DL C, not a great day outside of Breslin, who was going to go to ucla until he got his mind right.

    LB & DB B

    Kiffin, D-, he’s a throw first run second coach, always will be and he’s a liar

    NOBS aka The CRAPPER gets an A from MG from his sterling BJ’s

  • Jethro G. Sabbath


    Are you working on any new characters that you might try here before Wolf institutes the changes he told us of?
    How about a guy from Australia? You could have him say “g’day mate” a lot, that would be different.

  • Son of CharIie Bucket

    Jezro, hopefully, wolf’s new blog changes will finally prove once and for all that C-Bucki is a sole practitioner. the Cadre, meanwhile, is legion, and i think that is what frightens you trOXans more than anything.

    the Cadre will be like a the new Avengers only comprised of Rocky antagonists: Clubber Lang, Drago, Apollo Creed and Tommy “Gun” Morrison!!!

    my prediction for trOXans when the new blog starts: Paaaaaaaaaaaaaain.

  • Bill

    Berkley should have taken the “hitting the golf cart” drill seriously; maybe he wouldn’t have missed receivers left and right. I guess he knows better than a couple future half-of-famers!

  • ftfo2009

    It’s hilarious that Bucket calls Hawaii a JC-talent level team, when they had a better record than UCLA last year.

  • dtksr1

    C- for the O-line’s blocking in the running game? What kind of a grading curve are you using Scott Wolf? That was a good D grade if I ever saw one. This was a WAC team that spends mot of its time defending pases at practice and in conferenc games. It isn’t going to get any easier than this running on a team for the rest of the schedule and you are giving the O-line that blocked for a couple of 50 yard rushers a C-?

    James Cregg should be on the watch-list!

  • NJ Trojan

    QB: A (174.18 passing efficiency is outstanding.)

    RBs: C (Can’t give them anything less since USC didn’t give them much opportunity & HI clearly feared them.)

    WRs: A (Lee was off the charts and Woods was solid. The backups & TEs didn’t look bad either.)

    OL: A- (Yeah there’s room for improvement. There’s always room for improvement. But 465 yards of total offense is 465 yards of total offense. No sacks. Not a lot of rushing but how many running plays were called?)

    DL: A (Outstanding effort by a goup that was perceived as the weak link.)

    LBs: A (Bailey & Pullard continued their fine play from last year. I’m thinking Pullard will move to ML. And Sarao got a sack.)

    DBs: A- (OK, so Brown got picked on. He wrapped ’em up though didn’t he? How many points did HI score?)

    ST: B (Net punting was not good & USC gave up too many KO return yards.)

    Coaching: Pass (USC won!)