• Goatboy Kiffin

    Just give it up Goatboy. You are not that smart. You just happen to have had Monte ( the old fool he is ) as a dad. Otherwise , you would be … well what would Goat be if Monte wasn’t his dad ?

  • Jethro G. Sabbath

    That one successful conversion came in the crosstown “rivalry”. Sugary sweet because 48-0 doesn’t have the same ring to it.

  • ftfo2009

    I just want to take this opportunity to congratulate UCLA on winning. I’ll be rooting for you guys again next week. Fuck Nebraska.

  • Sam Gilbert

    So you’re saying there’s a chance…

  • ftfo2009

    lol ^ @dumb and dumber

  • Trojanfan

    When you’re blowing out the other team do the missed 2-pt conversion really matter…..it’s preseason and kiffin is trying out somethings