The Top 25

Here is this week’s ballot for the Associated Press poll:

1. LSU
2. Alabama
3. USC
4. Oklahoma
5. Florida State
6. Oregon
7. Georgia
8. South Carolina
9. Virginia Tech
10. Arkansas
11. Kansas State
12. Texas
13. Louisville
14. Ohio State
15. West Virginia
16. Wisconsin
17. Nebraska
18. Michigan
19. Clemson
20. Michigan State
21. Utah
22. TCU
23. Florida
24. Stanford
25. Notre Dame

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  • Son of CharIie Bucket

    keen insight, wolfman!! i wouldn’t change a thing!!

    it’s hard to assess a teams level of play against overmatched teams like HI or Rice etc, but one observation i can make is that once again, the Pious Passer appears to be acutely affected by any kind of pressure. e.g. in the HI game he misfired 13 times!!

    most of these misses came on the heels of moderate pressure from the Warriors who decked him several times. 13 incompletions against this team from a Heisman candidate no es bueno.

    i also picked up dissension between Marquis Lee and the Pious One. after Marquis embarrassed Pious by gesturing to “get the ball up” Pious later screamed at Lee very openly dressing him down. what’s going on down there??

  • ftfo2009

    >Wolf rates teams like a potato
    >Bucket agrees
    >mfw mutual masturbation

  • Bri12

    Of course wolf would put LSU #1… Attention whore!

  • Bri12

    Of course wolf would put LSU #1… Attention whore!

  • Bri12

    Here’s a solid scoop for u guys to read from “reign of troy”

    Sep 4th, 2012 at 12:40 am by TRENISE FERREIRA USC Football: Were Trojans Framed In New Discussion Of Allegations?
    Home USC Basketball USC Football: Were Trojans Framed In New Discussion Of Allegations?

    On the day USC kicked off its 2012 season, the LATimes ran a story about new allegations against USC athletics as related to an ongoing corruption scandal in the LA County Assessors office.
    The story addresses that Scott Schenter, a former appraiser for the city, suggested he gave former Trojan running back Joe McKnight a car (an incident that was addressed and handled between USC and the NCAA at the time of the incident in 2009, and nothing came of it) and an airline ticket, which was not addressed in the 09 investigation. The story further alleged that Schenter gave Davon Jeffersonwho played basketball for USC in the 2007-08 seasonabout $3,700 in cash.
    The Times did note that USC said it is fully cooperating with the NCAA, and even added this gem about the implications of what these new allegations could mean:
    If the NCAA were to determine that players accepted improper gifts, their school could face discipline, she said, adding that the association has a four-year statute of limitations on rule violations. The college sports body imposes sanctions on universities ranging from public reprimands to bans on postseason play.
    What the LATimes did not mention, however, is the full context in which these allegations came about.
    You can read the full email here, but heres an interesting part:
    I am just finishing a USC Basketball Bus (notice, basketball) because I have direct access to a couple of the players (nothing on paper). I just finished talking with the compliance department because I am going to put gigantic posters of OJ Mayo (the new Lebron) and Davon Jefferson on vinyl wrapped on the bus. Also, I would showcase these LightsUSC said no, it was against NCAA rules. What are they going to do, put them on probation? Good! I offered my Husky van to Tyrone Willingham and he sent me a letter back declining (Neuheisel would have accepted in a second). No wonder we [Washington] are 0-8. USC (not under Scotts Control) said that you couldnt put pictures of any player on my bus. What are they going to do to me? Will the NCAA fine me (yeah right)?Oregon has billboards in Time Square of current players. They have trading cards of OJ Mayo in high school. I am going to do this. They or the NCAA have no authority over me. I can put what I want on my bus. How come a magazine can put them on a cover but I cant put a picture on a bus? Maybe I will put pictures of them from high school (OJ Mayo played for the Trojans) or I will put OJ on one side and a MAYO ad on the other (hmm, I think I will sell that). Maybe I will advertise the Mayo clinic! Just think of the publicity or Probation USC, not a bad choice. I will need an attorney! USC sucks!
    Schenter states in an earlier part of the email that he is a University of Washington Huskies fan, and that he actively follows and tries to venture into college football.
    It is interesting that LATimes staff writers Gary Klein, Ruben Vives and Jack Dolan failedwhether intentionally or incidentallyto included the context in which these allegations came about.
    That excerpt from Schenters email makes it seem as if he intentionally sought to bring demise to USC, something that ought to be included in any discussion of potential NCAA violations. Schenter wrote that regardless of USCs heed of NCAA violations, he was going to do this, a fact that now alters the discussion of potential indiscretions.
    By leaving this information out, the entire narrative of the LATimes original piece now seems unethical.
    The LATimes has not addressed this predicament, nor can we expect them to, regardless of the effect it has on USCs public perception.
    USC is still currently working with the NCAA on the matter, and we will have on this situation as it develops.

    What think fellas? Story from reign of troy

  • Sam Gilbert

    I don’t know why everyone is so big on South Carolina, they almost lost to Vandy.

  • SoCalPVguy

    Scott, you really ARE a moron.. oh sorry, I don’t mean to be insulting.. to real morons that is … LSU #1 ? are you nuts ??? Did they even play a Div. 1A team ? Oklahoma #4, did you see that game ??? UTEP misses three FG’s and OU barely wins … Alabama I understand, although Michigan was clearly not a #8 team, UA beat them easily. On what basis do you place Michigan at #18 ? The other USC nearly lost to ..Vandy ? I see you rewarded Stanford’s thrilling squeaker over a weak sister SJSU with a top 25… do you even watch these games ? BTW when LSU gets blown out by UA (so far after the last 8 quarters LSU still doesn’t have a TD against them)will you put LSU at no. 2 still ahead of th undefeated Trojans should that be the case at that time ?????


    Good stuff, Bri 12

    When I originally read that this Schenter clown was a Washington rooter, it occurred to me that competitive schools’ followers could undermine the integrity of their fellow “enemy” schools.

    I mean, what’s to stop a rabid alumnus or fan from offering cash or a check to football players at a rival school, and then ratting them out.

  • scidiot

    West Va
    Notre Dame


  • We’re screwed! why didn’t we address this issue that the school was very familiar with? Why didn’t we admit wrong doing at that time and ask the NCAA to include those violations (instead of sweeping them under the carpet) in the sanctions they dished out? PH is a piece of crap! we’re screwed!


    How the fuck does Wolf still have a vote in the AP poll. I’m surprised he didnt vote Boise St. #1


    Oklahoma at #4 and FSU at #5 ahead of Oregon?! lol!

  • USConquer

    Dude, unlike some my fellow alums I think the allegations could be explosive. I don’t get why Haden just didn’t cowboy up and give the ncaa fruit cakes what they were looking for. This gives them an excuse to put us thru the ringer and that could majorly affect our season. That really bites because we are well on our way to an undefeated season and to another NC.

    Fight ON!

  • TrojanRick

    Remember that it was Yahoo Sports which started the original investigation into Bushgate, and the head of YS is no less than a Notre Dame grad.
    As you say…

  • Zbum


    California Craziness

    A trio of voters from California (CSN Bay Area’s Ray Ratto, San Jose Mercury News’ Jon Wilner, LA Daily News’ Scott Wolf) are an interesting voting block. Some would call them progressive, others would call them extreme and just about everybody else will call them crazy given their fluctuations in their ballots each week. All three are consistently in Pollspeak’s group of “extreme voters” so we’ll highlight the most baffling decision(s) out of each.

    My man Ratto finds himself in this space once again with a puzzling ballot that is highlighted by having Texas State at No. 16 ahead of Arkansas, TCU, Louisville and West Virginia (which was unfathomably low at No. 24!). It was a great upset win over Houston for the Fighting Franchiones but they’re a transitional FBS squad for goodness sakes. The Cougars had to replace a ton on offense and are dealing with a first time head coach so it’s not like the win looks super-duper on the resume. Having Florida State, which just lost one of their best defensive ends, No. 3 ahead of Oregon and LSU is equally as crazy (unless the Seminoles easy schedule is the driving force, but still). Also, I know the game was on the Longhorn Network and he probably didn’t watch, but David Ash didn’t exactly inspire any confidence that he was the guy for Texas and the vaunted defense didn’t look too sharp against Wyoming, yet there the Longhorns are at No. 9.

    Come on man.

    someone needs to stick with lame ass soccer