Ticket Talk

USC’s trip to New Jersey is a hot ticket for some players. Linebacker Anthony Sarao said he has 30-40 family members and friends coming to the game. Tailback Silas Redd, who is from Connecticut, said he has about 25 coming.
“I’m on the hound for tickets,” Sarao said.
Players receive four tickets to the game.

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  • NJ Trojan

    A lot of folks have been very critical of the pass defense against HI. I’m not so sure it’s warranted yet. Keep in mind that 2 of USC’s best CBs were not available as Harris was out & Wiley was lost for the season. After practicing yesterday & apparently looking pretty good he’ll probably start at NB.

    The game is won by points not yards. USC’s pass eff D was 107.11 vs HI. That’s outstanding. USC only gave up 2 scoring drives–a TD & a FG. The 1st was kept alive on 3 3rd downs by a scramble, a 5 yard completion & a 16 yard completion. HI scored on an 18 yard TD pass. The drive also saw completions of 6, 7 & 14 yards.

    The 2nd was kept alive by completions of 10 & 16 yards following a sack. A couple of big runs put HI into the RZ. But USC responded with a sack & HI threw incomplete on 3rd & 15. Those were the only teams USC’s D allowed HI to get to or stay in the RZ. HI just ran out the clock on its final drive but the other 11 meaningful drives ended with an incomplete pass on 3rd & 9, an incomplete pass on 3rd & 5, and incomplete pass on 3rd & 11, an INT, a forced fumble, a sack on 3rd & 2, an 18 yard pass on 3rd & 19, a sack on 3rd & 4, a 2 yard completion on 3rd & 3 & a sack-fumble.

    I’ll be surprised if USC gives up more than about 235 passing yards & 1 or 2 passing TDs at Syr.

  • scidiot

    So as Bruin fan I can buy and send four tickets to Sarao. Then report that I did it to get the SC program back on probation?


    Exactly, it is that easy to get another school into trouble. Heck, just walk up to an opposing player, hand him an envelope with a check in it, and see if he deposits it. If he does place a call to the NCAA.

    Now, from what has been gleaned lately, it seems SC is not in trouble because the latest accusations occurred before the 2010 sanctions were assessed, not after. Just as long as no evidence surfaces that Trojans’ officials were aware of the infractions, no further sanctions are likely to be mandated.

    But again, when dealing with the NCAA, you have got a loose cannon, so the Trojans are not completely out of the woods until an official ruling is made.

  • malachi crunch5

    Wolfbag sucks the big one.

  • The Monopoly is Over Here 2.0

    NJ Trojan will be at Met Life with his “smart football” almanac…..

    Hey NJ, you forget to note that the HI QB sucks compared to Nassib!

  • ftfo2009

    Nassib threw for 32 more yards than hawaii did…

  • NJ Trojan

    @The Monopoly is Over Here 2.0: That was Schoeder’s 1st game, no? His passing efficiency was 107.11. That’s almost as bad as Barkley’s passing efficiency in his 1st road game (94.77). I’m not trying to suggest that Schoeder will be a Heisman trophy candidate but I am trying to suggest that USC’s pass defense wasn’t as bad as some suggest. Nassib had a 145.66 rating (over the course of a season that would rank him around 25-30) at home vs NW (whose pass defense last year was worse than USC’s pass defefense last year). At the end of 2011 Nassib’s QB rating was 64th in the nation. Oh, and I won’t be able to refer to my smart football almanac because I’ll be too busy explaining to my son why niether team is wearing green & white and why #6 is on the bench.

  • How does Scott Wolf keep his job?

    Ryan Nassib is a very good QB, that is probably a better pocket passer than 95% of FBS QBs. Last week’s numbers were helped by Syracuse’s WR’s consistently getting deeper than Northwestern’s secondary, especially in the 2H. Northwestern’s CBs were atrocious.

    Syracuse was without Alex Lemon, who I believe is considered Syracuse’s top WR but nowhere near the caliber of SC’s WRs. Lemon may not play Saturday, which will be a loss for Syracuse.

    Nassib has a strong and very accurate arm, and can efficiently move the ball down the field. I don’t think Syracuse has anywhere near the athletes required to go back and forth with SC’s offense, especially if Lemon is inactive.

    Syracuse should be a much better team than last year; however, SC’s defense is also improved since the last time they played. If Syracuse keeps it close or wins, it will be because of the Harris/Brown/Baucham/Dillard CB being outplayed.

  • NJ Trojan

    @How does Scott Wolf keep his job?: I agree with you for the most part. I think Nassib’s production has been a overhyped but you could be right about his talent and upside. I also think that Harris/Brown/Baucham/Dillard are better than some of their critics think.