Tough Schedule

Hopefully when Syracuse plays USC on Saturday it is not looking ahead to next week’s opponent, Stony Brook.

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  • dtksr1

    This brings up a point:
    If all the major Division 1 football programs had to deduct the games they won versus division II road-kill, I wonder how different the top winningest programs would stand? I know Penn St. would drop like a brick as would SEC juggernaults. This is like a varsity playing a freshman team in highschool.


    Well, not exactly like playing a high school team is Syracuse.

    Let’s look at the facts: 120 major college teams with about 10,000 football openings. How many high school kids are playing in America?– I would to guess at least 800,000, probably more.

    So the odds of a high school footballer making it to the next level, college, is 1 in 80, and probably longer odds than that even.

    There is a big gap between high school and college, not only because of the talent level, but because they are older and more physically mature.

    Now back to looking ahead. Could Troy be biting at the bit to get the Syracuse game “over” and move on to their recent-years’ nemesis, Stanford?–

    Actually, I think the kids are so excited about traveling to New York City and playing in an NFL stadium that they will be totally consumed with the experience.

    They left today, Thursday, so they are in the air now, and I remember how I felt going to New York for the first time. I was on fire, and I bet they are too. Good for them.

  • The Monopoly is Over Here 2.0

    “Talk shit like Scott Wolf” Lil Weezey

  • How does Scott Wolf keep his job?

    I’m walking down the street this afternoon wearing an SC sweatshirt. An older man walking toward me yells, “Fight On!!!” I stop to chat with him, and he tells me that he played for USC and graduated in 1954. He then tells me old SC football stories and you could see the excitement in his eyes. He asks me which games I’m attending this season. I tell him that the Misses and I are taking the redeye tonight for Saturday’s game. His response: “We’re going to kill those bastards!!! Who are we playing?”

  • BiII

    just shutup idiot

  • Trojanfan

    ^^^^Bill, you’re the only guy i know that could fuck up a wet dream

    All that cartoon watching could be a hazard to your health

  • Sam Gilbert

    How does…

    Nice story, I love listening to past generations of Trojans reminisce.

  • dtksr1

    LJ, I was referring to the ‘Cuse playing Stoney Brooke next week and the Florida school being a 70 point favorite over Savannah St? in a game they purposely scheduled. It isn’t a fair matchup, it is a pure “win” purchase!