Ten Hut!


The USC band played in Times Square today with Art Bartner (and his ladder) in fine form.

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  • Trojanfan

    Wish i could of been there to experience it!

    Love the pregame warm-up in front of Heritage Hall

    Fight ON!

  • Swoll Francis da numba one ACE

    What’s with the statute of Musolinni?

  • USConquer

    This is some BS for real…we need to focus on the game and not on our band parading in front of the throngs of tourists and the naked cowboy at Times Square. What a waste.

  • USC owns the Rose Bowl

    Calm down @USConquer. The band plays for fans every road trip. Typically a fundraising event with alumni, but I doubt you complaine(d) about the Union Square rally the band does EVERY Weekender in NorCal. It’s the BAND, not the football team. It is TIMES SQUARE! It’s for the fans. Loosen up.

    Fight on! Beat the orange!

  • lane kitten

    If you haven’t noticed, the last thing Lupus would do is focus on the game. His job is to report on what the spread is, what color socks the team is wearing, and make sure Lane is pronouncing the players’ last names correctly. Occasionally, the Daily News will put him on
    special assignment to come up with Mike Garrett trivia that falls under the categories of a) baseball coaches Garrett has either fired or not hired, b) rumors about Garrett’s bar exam scores, or c) stories about something banal Garrett has said that he has heard around Heritage Hall. If you’re looking for anything else, keep moving. Don’t forget to click on the ads below and to the right.

  • USConquer

    “complaine(d)” what the hell is that? Im not complaining, Im just stateing that its a distraction plain and simple. its axiomatic.

    there is a diff when the band plays for the Weekender…no press coverage to distract from the game.

    lane kitten: are you serious? you must be joking. lol.