Centers Of Attention

A big issue this week for USC might be the center position. Khaled Holmes left the stadium in a golf cart with crutches and a big boot on his lower leg. Abe Markowitz left with his shoulder in a sling. That leaves Cyrus Hobbi and maybe in an emergency, John Martinez, who was recruited as a center.

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  • ThaiMex

    While the Stanford offense isn’t up to last years, I’m predicting PAAAAAIIIIINNNN for SUCks next week. SCUm # 1 in the pre-season!
    Fit on Torgan!


    Oh, shut up UGLY Bucket– why are you such a coward to hide behind a thinly veiled monikor such as ThaiMex.

    I did not like how SC kept throwing the out pattern to Woods and Lee, although it worked in the beginning. I would like to see Barkley throw down field more often.

    Still, the offense looks like a national championship caliber squad, but I worry about the defense. I hope the Syracuse QB turns out to be one of the country’s best, which would alleviate some of my concerns.

  • Bluerhino45

    That’s the best QB we will see all year. Great early season Test for our squad. Our toughest matchups all have first year qbs… Oregon Stanford notre dame and dare I say ucla. Allot of syracuses 2nd half points came when the D loosened up because of the lead we held.

  • gotroy22

    NJTrojan, what was your take on the game and the OL injuries/depth issues?