Kiffin To Fans

Lane Kiffin said he told USC fans tonight after the game to appreciate QB Matt Barkley, who passed for only 187 yards but had six touchdowns.
“Just appreciate what you are seeing,” Kiffin said. “Everyone in the world is trying to take him out of the game. He was playing in bad weather, there were a lot of things going on. He’s only got a few more games left.”

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  • Ex-Cop

    And you know what? He’s freakin’ right. I’ve already heard grumbling from friends that the score should have been higher. Two years ago we lose that game. Next year too, maybe. Everyone underestimated Syracuse leading up to the game but they were pumped. And 2-0 is 2-0.

  • Bill

    What a joke! Berkeley can only throw the dink passes and can’t throw it down the field! He should have taken the golf cart drill more seriously!

    Bye bye Heisman!

    Kitten’s new offense with Berkeley is the “Dink and Stink”!

  • Trojanfan

    Bill you fuckin idiot, stick to the cartoon network….Your football IQ is little to none

    I had my first waffle sandwich and I like it

  • Trojanfan

    PS….Bill, the only thing that matters in the scoreboard… you know what that is?

  • rodneypeete

    Pretty lame when the coach feels the need to tell fans that something was good. Kind of like saying “did you get it?” after a joke – never a funny joke

  • Ex-Cop

    Except that in this case he did need to make the point. Lots went wrong during this game. The O-line was pretty dreadful at times. Stupid penalties ended up stopping momentum at best or leading to big shifts at worst. But this game shows that the expectations of the team are as ridiculously high this year as they were ridiculously low last year.

  • LovetheCapper

    Did SC win? I’ve been scheduling a wake for my dead wife. I’m stuck with three boys at UCSB. I already have a hot girlfriend so I’m not sure what’s happening in college football. Right Bill, er BruinSlob?

  • NJ Trojan

    The humidity was oppressive. From four rows behind the bench the players looked lifeless after the 1st TD of the 2nd half until Woods got that big return. Syr wouldn’t have scored the last TD if Kiffin hadn’t substituted liberally at the end (which was the right thing to do). Too many bubble screens. It got so Syr and everyone else could see them coming. I haven’t seen USC live since OH St. It was my 7 year old’s 1st USC game. He loved it. Barkley was the Heisman front runner to start the season. Then Lee exploded last week. Now Woods has reasserted himself. Those two WRs are awesome. Brown and Baucham seemed to struggle. And it looked to me that Seymour has a way to go. It seemed to me that Harris should be the #2 CB. Nassib did better than I thought. Pass efficiency D was not good enough.

  • Evil Robot

    76% completions and 6 TD’s… but his yards weren’t great. He tied the record for the most TD passes thrown in one game and you still feel the need for petty sniping. Were he to keep up this pace he would finish the season with 70 TD’s, although it would still be a crappy year because he’s be under 4000 yards. He has a realistic shot to tie UCLA’s total passing TD’s from 2011 by the fourth game.

  • steve49

    Did bill get run off some alien blog?

  • Bill

    I can’t believe you are pulling the scoreboard stick against an awful team! Wow, I thought I would never see that! Is that where Southern Cal has fallen to?

    Overrated On!

  • Trojanfan

    Bill you fuckin idiot, how many college teams can say they have a QB that will be playing on Sundays….enough said, you fuckin troll…..It’s Sunday morning, shouldn’t you be watching cartoons, instead of talking out of your ass

    I’m serious Bill, your football IQ is is little to none

  • Goatboy Kiffin

    Goatboy Kiffin’s offense is just painful to watch. Too stupid to think beyond a bubble screen and fade. Gutless wonder is what Goat is and his slow overrated qb.
    This team is going to get it’s butt kicked a few times.