Playing To Win?

When you have Matt Barkley, Robert Woods and Marqise Lee, why was Lane Kiffin’s game plan to be conservative? Who else do you need to feel confident to open things up? Silas Redd?
Kiffin said he focused on completions and avoiding sacks tonight instead of throwing downfield because the game was a “Super Bowl” for Syracuse.
I’m not advocating 50 passes a game but sometimes the philosophy sounds a bit too close-to-the-vest.

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  • Bill

    That is the way that all No.1 teams with a Heisman quarterback play the game! What a bunch of overrated losers!

    Do recruits really want to play in Kitten’s “Dink and Stink” offense? That should be the next question of the day!

  • 3rdandlong

    Aaaah Wolf, you see this is why your a pencil neck writer and not a football coach. Kiffin knew he had the superior athletes and was going to win (heck we even left our field goal kicker back in California) He exposed some weaknesses in Syracuse defense, called a conservative vanilla game and won a 2500 mile road game by a very comfortable margin. When the gas needed to be poured, he did. Your right, he did not open things up to give Stanford’s DC a peak under the covers, because you see…..he didn’t have to. Was the game a little sluggish? Sure was! Did SC ever trail, nope? Relax, you will see the thoroughbreds unload in good time, just not in game 2 against an unranked Syracuse, when quite frankly there was no need too. Also Wolf, you know what kills me about you? In game 1 you critiicize Kiff for airing everything out to Lee and Woods and not establishing the run. In game 2 you ask why not open things up to Lee and Woods more and really why bother with Silas, and Curtis. Seriously? Please STFU!

  • sdbob

    3rdandlong…I like your

  • USC ’91

    Two words, dummy: O-Line. Duh.

    I haven’t been covering the team for 20 years and even I know that when you’re worried your QB is gonna get clobbered if he holds onto the ball for more than 3 seconds you’re not going to have time to develop plays downfield.

    And if the injury to Holmes is as bad as it looked on TV it’s gonna get even worse next week.

  • USC ’91

    And btw, if you have concerns about depth, then that IS playing to win. Or did I miss the game today where we lost?

  • Bill

    When has a Southern Cal worried about showing opponents anything? You are the mighty Toejams! The No. 1 team with a Heisman front runner at QB and you are worried about showing Stanford too much. Really? Really? Has Southern Cal sunk that low? I don’t see Alabama or LSU worried about that!


  • Nemesis

    Actually, I think Lane Kiffen is playing to win a Heisman Trophy for Matt Barkley. We should run more and pass less…be more balanced.

  • Belle

    My mommy was worried about germs on my wee wee. So much so that my complex led to the removal of my Johnny. Yes. Removal of my genitals was life altering. I only hope the Trojans worries don’t effect their destiny.


  • steve49

    USC is year after year accused of not “showing” all they have early. Seems to be working, huh? Such wisdom you show Scott.

    What is the purpose of “bill”. there is none, he serves nothing good, only evil and vile remarks. We are better when he is not around here, we actually make some good points once in a while. Scott doesn’t.

  • LanceKiffin

    Let’s all play the Scooter Wolf “journalist” game:

    If SC plays conservatively Coach Kiffin to playing too close to the vest and not trusting his star players to make plays.

    If SC opens up the playbook Coach Kiffin is showing too much of the the playbook heading into Pac 12 conference play and showing up an overmatched opponent.

    Got it! Sign me up Daily News, I’m ready to be a second rate hack that would rather be covering soccer!

  • Goatboy Kiffin

    Goat Kiffin calls the same 2 or 3 plays every game , every year. His shit calls have been the same since 2005. Bubble screens, fades, and bootlegs …same shit different year. There is no game plan … watch next year when the 4 year starter at qb is gone, Woods is in the NFL and Lee is hurt. Same shit only worse results. Except Goat has 5x the talent as the crap teams like Syracuse , he faces.
    Kiffin is a fraud … his O scheme is outdated as Monte’s wardrobe.

  • dtksr1

    I agree with Steve49. I think Kiffin is not eager to run his passing game into the ground. We do not have to impress anyone, other than keep winning folks. The running game needs work & attention, now that it appears there are some injuries involved. As does the defensive line. I saw just enough of the LSU-UDUB game to see those LSU front D-linemen take over the game and Sark was helpless. If our D-line could improve over a period of games to where they affected the game plans of the opponents similarly, man that would be “icing on the cake’!