• Ben Factor

    That’s about how I see it, Scott.

    LK put a positive spin on the loss of Wiley, which is his job, and understandable. To me, it seemed no less material than the loss of Kennard.

    As I understand it, Seymour is extremely talented. He will probably be given a lot of coaching attention and reps in practice. My guess is that he will start by game six or so.

    I may not be giving Harris, Brown, and Baucham as much credit as they deserve. I hope that I’m not. But my guess is that Seymour will pass them by in a few games.

  • Trojan Conquest

    Ben..”giving them enough credit”…you have eyes like the rest of us. They suck. Unless the coaches are telling them to give the receivers a ten yard cushion?

  • ThaiMex

    Goat Boy is gonna get cooked after this weekends game against the Tree’s. Let’s see how long it takes you RAH RAH’S to turn against Goat Boy and his Pa. The idiot finally gets exposed for what he is…..Stay Tuned!
    fit on torgan!
    (this is one TRAIN WRECK you won’t want to miss)

  • The Monopoly is Over Here 2.0

    CryMexican sticking his bird chest out after an overrated win against Neb? What has the world come to?

  • Does a bruin CRAP in the (West)woods

    I’m suprised the SUCLA trolls aren’t on here gloating more over that win. Maybe they don’t know how to celebrate a “big” win (with it being so long since they’ve last had one). Maybe they finally have a reason to stay on Gold’s blog.

  • ftfo2009

    i have a great fucking idea. how about you fucking leave this motherfucking site for the rest of fucking time if stanford loses this weekend, and i’ll do the same if we lose. does that sound about right faggot?

  • Swoll Francis da numba one ACE

    After two games, it is safe to put your money on Oregon!

  • dtksr1

    Sorry to say the running game in the 1st half of the last 2-games has been missing too. 4th & 1 attempts are not going good, even against lower competition. I think Kiffin is starting to bring this up more at his press conferences. On thing I know for sure; O’Neil is running harder than Redd!

  • usc50ucla0

    That’s interesting insight from Swoll BELLY Rerun pushing out deuces. Hey Rerun, have Shirly whip me up some o dat grits wit extra butta. Not dat fake cant believe it not butter junk you roll wit. Shirly knows I can tell the real deal.

    I ratted out ur gurl Dee to momma & she aint gonna be wurking you for ur lunch money no more. Aite leche?

  • Does a bruin CRAP in the (West)woods

    Oregon lost FS Boyett for the season. Lee & Woods are gonna have another field day vs. that secondary.

  • Trojanfan

    ^^^^Might be a shoot out….somewhere in the high 40’s

  • bushwhite

    you got that right…

    BBaucham must be the worst person I have ever seen trying to play CB…he is either 10 yds off the WR or mauling him and getting a PI…and he is a 5th year SR
    I am not sure he is even an D I level player…maybe more like a DII or DIII Mount Union talent..what is he doing with a scholarship?

    T Harris isn’t much better.He gets burned on a regular basis. He was not highly recruited out of HS, either, a 2 or 3 * player…thanks Pete

    K Seymour is awful too, took a PI vs. Syracuse. At least he has an excuse he doesn’t have experience.

    Why are they not playing Josh Shaw at cb??

  • USC owns the Rose Bowl

    LOL @ ThaiMex!!! Way to make it obvious that you comment as “Lane Kiffin” and “Goatboy Kiffin” (not to mention Charlie Bucket) you pathetic troll buahahaha!!!
    Get a LIFE, bro!

    Or just TROLL on! either way! lmaoooo

    50-0, geek

  • bushwhite

    @ monopoly, I watched that nebraska game too..it wasn’t so much of UCLA playing good as it was Nebraska played awful…UCLA’s defense sucks the Huskers ran right through them.