Shoe Matters

Wide receiver Marqise Lee wore his black football cleats against Syracuse. It turned out Lee agreed with me when I wondered last week why USC didn’t wear the new silver shoes before the game to break them in.
“I don’t like the new cleats,” Lee said. ”I like breaking them in. My black ones are more comfortable.”

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    You sir, are a genius. Pulitzer material right here.

  • trojaned 66

    Super sweet scoop!Should wolf apologize to kiffin for calling him a liar about our kicker being hurt?’

  • steve a

    The new shoes are great. Fight on.

  • steve a

    The shoes are great. Fight on.

  • steve a

    Great new shoes

  • The Don Key

    The Donkey says let them wear the new shoe or the black shoe, whatever makes them happy.

  • ILSC

    Way to go Scott. You nailed that one. Just one more piece of evidence you have put together that Kiffin is an idiot and you are a genius. What’s next, jock strap analysis?

  • trojanesc

    You ae a regular Woodward and Bernstein