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    Odd. That is the same time Charlize Bucket underwent the knife to get vaginoplasty….

  • NJ Trojan

    Whoa, Ruffin is now listed as the 3rd string rush end behind Breslin. There are a couple of other subtle changes to the depth chart going into conference play. Agholor has edged in front of Flournoy but both are still divided by “or” & the field corner had been listed as Brown, Harris, Baucham “or” Dillard, Shelton. Now its listed as Brown, Harris “or” Baucham, Dillard, Shelton. My guess is USC needs to develop some depth at DE and Ruffin (who could probably play SE, TE, FB, DE, LB, or S & maybe even P) is the most obvious choice. He should still be able to RS unless USC loses another DE & hell probably be moved back to WL after the season. Flournoy still hasnt caught a pass, has he? (There should be a drinking game requiring a drink every time USC throws to a WR not named Flournoy. It could require downing 3 if Musburger ever calls it.) Of the top 3 CBs listed on the field side I thought Baucham played the worst and Harris played the best (relatively speaking). Id list the position as Harris or Brown or Baucham, Dillard, Shelton. (It seemed to me that Seymour has a ways to go. Too bad Hendersons not good enough to work his way up this depth chart.) I noticed Robey covering the slot a lot. I heard that Marone stuck Alec Lemon in the slot as a decoy. He didnt want to throw to him much since hes still returning from injury but he hoped to draw Robey away from the left side where he normally plays. Apparently, it worked.