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Lane Kiffin talked Sunday night about the lack of passes to the tight ends so far. But you could also include the running backs last weekend. None of the tailbacks caught a pass against Syracuse.
Is Matt Barkley super-focused on Marqise Lee or Robert Woods? Or does Lane Kiffin call all those plays? The offense seems tightly controlled so I tend to go for the latter.

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    You just know this is a very big game for SC, having lost, what, 4 of the last 5. And this is one of the Trojans’ “hurdle” games that they have to jump over to make it to the National Championship Game.

    And perhaps the Trojans have been “hiding the ball” a bit in their fist two games, games they knew they should win, in order to still be able to surprise Palo Alto.

    The Indians, oops, Trees, oops, Cardinal, or whatever they are calling themselves these days, are not as strong as past teams. And although I don’t believe SC beats them by more than 17 points, and the game will be competitive for much of the contest, I still would bet SC schools them in the end.


    So it looks like Jon Gold from Inside UCLA took a better job with CBS. Wolf needs to step up his game and shoot for the stars, it’s possible!

    …if only we were so lucky.

  • Trojanfan

    Hey wolfman,are you familiar with the game of poker….enough said

    LJ.. you make a good point about “hiding the ball”…I think Kif has yet to turn the page on the play book

    The secondary needs to get there shit together and the O-line also needs to step it

    A blowout win could go a long ways in establishing some confidence and momentum

  • The Monopoly is Over Here 2.0

    Wow, Fightontovictory just “sonned” Wolf!!!

  • Bill

    I thought the Clowned Prince of Golf Carts called all the plays!

  • Sam Gilbert

    Gold got a better job?! I didn’t read his articles often but they seemed pretty amateur. This must be killing Wolf.

  • steve49

    Its because Scott is rank amateur. He has not improved. He should have followed PC to Washington. Your opinion,Scott, as usual is in error, MB7 throws to the open man. (usually)

  • USC owns the Rose Bowl


    Ya REALLY think Kiff is opening up the play book against the stout defenses of Hawaii and Syracuse?! Of course they’re focusing on Woods and Lee, they can simply out-athlete these dudes without opening the play book!

    Offense will progress throughout the year just like last season.

  • NJ Trojan

    I was watching a replay on ESPN3 last night and counted 3 incomplete passes intended for the TEs in the 1st Q.