• BiII

    Credit the defensive “link”

    Your failure to use proper spelling and grammar makes you an idiot of a journalist. I cannot stand the fact that I am among so many idiots in this world whom are not a great as I.


  • ftfo2009

    >use proper grammar
    >claim that makes you great

  • W.E.B. Dupree

    Bill, if you don’t already know about the defensive link, it’s not our job to explain it to you.

  • ftfo2009

    If you don’t know what the defensive link is, you can’t afford it.

  • Belle

    Please accept my deepest aplogies. I’ve had my offensive link removed.


  • Gnossos

    Billy always makes the ‘link’ at the public restroom.
    -The Leprechaun

  • Bill

    I am Bill. I just love to hear myself talk. No one is as great as me. I know nothing about football but you are the dummies. I cannot live with myself knowing that someone else might be getting satisfaction from their favorite football team so I will just blow and blow and blow and try to spoil your party.

    Do I even have a favorite team of my own? Who knows? Am I a UCLA fan? Maybe I don’t even care about football. Maybe I just like farting in crowded elevators.

    I get angry thinking about your high paying jobs while cleaning your offices for minimum wage so I like to pretend I am really successful and smart. I am pretending I am on my huge yacht right now. Toot! Toot! goes the yacht horn.

    Some day the Visitors will return and make me ruler of everything. You will all bow down to me! You will pay! You will be punished!

  • Trojanfan


    it doesn’t take a whole lot of greatness, if any, to watch the cartoon network and flip hamburger patties

  • Bill

    You will pay for that! I do not watch the cartoon network — too many big words! I watch DVDs for dogs and cats that are left at home by themselves. I will punish…

    …sorry I was distracted by a bird on the television. It wanted to attack me. Screw you, bird! You will pay for your insolence!

    I do not flip hamburger patties! I do not flip hamburger patties! How dare you! My manager says it will be many years before I can be trained for the grill!

    You dummies will pay!

  • NJ Trojan

    Um, Bill … um… you wrote, “I cannot stand the fact that I am among so many idiots in this world whom are not a great as I.” And, um… you wrote that sentence in criticizing somebody else’s grammar…