21 thoughts on “A Roundup

  1. F the press. A bunch of low life gutter dwellers. Kiff will go home to the beach tonight and have a nice glass of vino. Wolf and Co. will enjoy their apartments in the IE.

  2. At 5:41 pm I reported that Wolf would be reinstated in short order because, quite frankly, the “infraction” seems pretty Mickey-Mouse.

    And I note that the UGLY Bucket is taking credit for this news. With capital letters. My God, this guy is quite the jerk, which seems to be a shared opinion among my Trojan brothers (and a few sisters)

  3. Wolf posts a link to comments from others about himself. That’s a sure sign of a narcissist.

    None of this changes the fact that Wolf is lazy and incompetent, and tremendously disliked. What a sad way to go through life.

    How bad are the conditions at the LA Daily News that they can’t find someone to replace this guy?

  4. ahh what a DAY!!!!

    an UTTER EMBARASSMENT TO BOUNCE PASS! a crushing defeat!! having to back down after ONE DAY!!! OOOOOOF!!!

    hey BOUNCE PASS, how does it feel to recieve the CLAW OF THE WOLF???

    oh, the wolfman is REALLY gonna be struttin’ around campus now that he WHIPPED Haden and Kiff at their own game!!!


    will this beat-down affect the trOXans for the big game against the Trees??? oh, i think Kiff is already totally psyched out!!!

  5. I don’t consider wolf real media. Wolf is amateur at best. Wolf had to have others fight for him because SC doesn’t respect him. Media is not entitled to anything. Coach Kiffin and SC had a simple request- no reporting on injuries. Follow the request or rule which Coach Kiffin is entitled to do since it is his team. Take your punishment like a teenager and apologize to SC. SC doesn’t need wolf. Wolf needs SC.
    Personally, I think practice should be off limits to everyone including the press. We do not need to know every little move the players or coaches make at practice.
    Whats more concerning is that there is a possibility of retaliation by beat writers against Coach Kiffin or SC. Why? Follow the rules and requests of the head coach and admin and move on. Retalliation will only make you look silly.

  6. ThaiMex said:

    Garrett was an a$$hole, Carroll was an A$$hole, Floyd (pretty Boy) was an a$$hole, Goatboy is a confirmed A$$hole, What have I left out? Oh yea…nubsie, his lover MONO, fefifo, Torganfan, and of course STINKY…..yup, they’re all confirmed A$$holes…The Guy CRAVING “CREDIT”…oh yea…he’s confirmed too. LIMBO U…the new A$$HOLE U!

    Fit on A$$hole U!

    September 13, 2012 6:38 AM

    CryMex… you done? or should I call the wahmbulance? Clich, yes. Fitting, also yes. Seriously, when are you gonna grow up and stop whining like a little high school bitch? You wouldn’t be half as irked about all things USC if your precious (f)UCLA bRuins could actually compete with USC on a regular, ongoing basis. Grow up or grow some balls and find a new team. You’re a pansy, bro.


  7. Fireworks are gonna fly in today’s post practice media scrum!!!

    The revenge of Charlie, errr, Scott Wolf….

    CLK vs. Gargamel….. Who ya got?????

  8. Bucket,

    Yup, Kiffin got beat down by Wolf! I’m sure all Kiffin cares about is how to destroy that pesky Wolf guy! Good job!

    Honestly. Kill youself Bucket.

  9. Bucket,

    Yup, Kiffin got beat down by Wolf! I’m sure all Kiffin cares about is how to destroy that pesky Wolf guy! Good job!

    Honestly. Kill yourself Bucket.

  10. Most of the schools in the Pac12 have similar policies.
    It should be at the coaches discretion. Wolf is just such a jerk. He knew this would cause a problem and he went ahead. All media are attention whores and wolf heads the list. He is not a journalist. As I have said before on this blog, this is similar to the National Enquirer. Lots of bullshit with little fact.

  11. You can bet the coaches and players will be more tight-lipped than even before when imparting football information to Wolf.

    Maybe he should retitle his blog “SOMEWHAT INSIDE USC”

  12. The more appropriate punishment for Wolfe would have been to make him visit Doheny Library. He obviously never saw the place when he was an undergrad.

  13. Anyone want to wager about whether Scott or Kiffin will be here longer? I am the biggest CLFK fan on this board, bar none, and I’ll give you Kiffin and 5 years.

    Scott’s quirkiness is what makes him fun to follow. And he zeroes in on the bullshit inevitable with a college football program better than anyone. This time, he called Kiffin on some bullshit, and he won. I’ll take this kind of drama over Reggie, OJ, and Joe any day of the year.

  14. I think Hoffarth left out the comment I saw yesterday in the NY Post, which basically mocked Kiffin as someone who could never survive the NYC media.

  15. Own’s….were your feelings hurt when you didn’t see your name included? There’s a very good reason you weren’t included…At The Cadre, we do not discriminate against those “CHALLENGED”. We don’t pick on Jerry’s kids, The Special Olympics or Window Licker’s like you! We know you are Special and that you try very hard to fit in.
    Make sure you take an extra drool towel when you go out on your walk around the neighborhood and don’t forget the helmet!
    fit on torgan!

  16. Reporters for newspapers are having a very hard time surviving these days. Most of the good ones have found something else. But wolf does bring a special knowledge of shoes.

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