Jones Transferring

USC point guard Maurice Jones, who is academically eligible, tweeted this morning he is transferring. I asked a source why he is leaving? “Good question,” they said.
Jones’ options for transferring this year could be limited because it is too late at some schools to gain admission.

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  • LovetheCapper

    Wolf TRANSFERING: LA Daily News to Penny Saver….Classifieds Asst. Manager.

  • How does Scott Wolf keep his job?

    “Good question.”

    Now that is some inside information!

    This post epitomizes Wolf’s laziness and incompetence. No information is actually provided other that Wolf read someones twitter comments. And to say that he asked “a source” yet provides no actual information raises questions as to whether Wolf actually spoke with “a source.” Afterall, it’s not like Wolf has any journalistic integrity.

    How has this guy not been fired? What kind of morons operate the LA Daily News?

  • sureshot

    Michael Lev from the OCR reports that Wolf has been suspended from covering USC for the next two weeks for a breach of security (a post about Heidari’s surgery).

  • gotroy22

    “Lane Kiffin Has Banned the LA Daily News From USC for Two Weeks For Reporting on an Injury

    College Football, Media Gossip/Musings Jason McIntyre September 12th. 2012, 10:50am

    Lane Kiffin is having his first dust-up with the local media. The USC coach previously told the media he refused to address injuries this season, and according to the LA Times, announced in August a policy barring the media from reporting strategy or injury-related news observed during in-season practices.

    Well, the LA Daily News reported this over the weekend:

    USC kicker Andre Heidari underwent surgery last week to repair a torn meniscus in his knee and will be sidelined about three weeks.

    Heidari suffered the injury in the season opener against Hawaii and did not accompany USC to its game against Syracuse on Saturday. Walk-on Alex Wood filled in for Heidari and kicked six extra points.

    Worth noting: There doesnt appear to be practice-related information in the story.

    The result? Reporter Scott Wolf (regular readers of this site know he is a Big Ten hater) has been banned from practice for two weeks and will not be permitted to cover the teams Sept. 22 game at home against California.

    The Trojans visit Stanford this Saturday, and USC cant ban reporters from opposing press boxes so presumably Wolf will be in Palo Alto. The guess here is USC Athletic Director Pat Haden steps in and reverses the suspension and Kiffin stews. [LA Times]”

    What kind of morons want Wolf fired for doing his job?

  • How does Scott Wolf keep his job?

    If pushing an anti-SC agenda, purposely misquoting players & coaches, misleading readers, being completely incompetent, etc. is “doing his job” then no one is better than Wolf. And let’s not pretend Wolf had proprietary info. Every beat reporter covering SC knows the injury status of various players, but Wolf was the only fool to actually report it. It’s one thing to question the policy/rule, but openly defying it is what got Wolf banned. It’s a privilege for Wolf and the real journalists to cover USC football and that means he doesn’t get to pick and choose the rules for which he must abide in so doing.

  • steve a

    Regarding maurice jones, good to see he can continue playing. A few that commented on him a few days ago must feel silly.

  • steve a

    Who is wolf?

  • steve a

    Who is wolf?