Kiffin On Media Policy

Lane Kiffin addressed this week’s controversy involving the media ban for injury reporting. Here is an excerpt: “What Scott was trying to get done wasn’t against what we were trying to say. Scott’s back. I apologize if that was taken the wrong way. We viewed it differently. We are trying to get together to come up with the best situation for all of us.”

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  • Nathan Exp

    Congrats Scott. The ban was ridiculous and an embarrassment to the program. Kiffin stumbled here.

  • Trojan Conquest

    There’s plenty of things I don’t like about Wolf’s USC coverage, but this was really about nothing. I totally get Kiffin’s take, why give opponents information that may help them, even a little. I also don’t have a problem with reporters not liking this policy. I’m sure they don’t want to be banned from all practices. But Scott reporting on the surgery wasn’t information he acquired from attending practice. The real problem is with the gambling industry and the people who place bets. This is why the NFL has their injury reporting. They understand why the NFL is now the most successful industry in America.

  • BoscoH

    Basically, not a well thought out policy. Anyone else remember how Larry Smith covered up the fact that Rodney Peete was hospitalized with measles the week of the UCLA game in 1988? That didn’t work out too well for Smith.

  • Cheatthesystem

    Scott Wolf was wrong. He was asked not to divulge certain information, he did, he got banned.

    Scott violated the trust, not Kiffin.

    It’s pretty simple.

  • NJ Trojan

    Oh, who gives a poop? (I mean other than the commentor that’s always describing his.) Wouldn’t you rather read about and comment on SU’s power formations or the ability of their new QB? USC’s OL has appeared to be pretty inconsistent, opening huge holes on one play and allowing the D to penetrate on the next. Is it qoing to get worse with Holmes out? How is Hobbi looking this week in practice? Who’s getting the most reps at the #2 CB spot? Are the DBs doing anything differently to tighten up the coverage? Heck, how about a little smack talk with somebody from SU? Ralph Von Albertson, Esq., maybe?

  • Revenge of Charlie Bucket

    watching Kiff forced to apologize to the wolfman is priceless!!!!

    the wolfman is a REPORTER, and he is the best in the business. why not ask Secratariat not to run fast????

    this keeps on getting better and BETTER!!!



  • The Monopoly is Over Here 2.0

    Man NJ’s kind of a big bummer on this blog. Why you gotta be so negative NJ?

    CLK is going to punk Wolf bad in future post game pressers this year. Mark my words…..

  • steve49

    Stanford game in two days and this is what we get? Ya right Bucket, this guy is a real reporter.

  • LovetheCapper

    NJ has nothing to do all day except read magazines and newspapers. He just repeats what he reads, sort of like the Wolfman. Mono, you are correct again. SW will be stepping in and eating cow pies from Kiff any day now. The real Pu$$ in all of this is Haden. Again, pretty boy wants to keep his image clean….when he’s not making fun of the Goldman/Brown murders at A.C.’s expense.


    NJ Trojan did not get the ‘Ralph Von Albertson, Esq.’ line from any magazine or newspaper (I had forgotten about that joker), and NJ’s commentary seems insightful and fresh, so I hope he keeps it up

  • LovetheCapper

    You would LJ.

  • You say timeout, I say touchdown!

    NJ Trojan (who I still think is Brian Cushing haha) has great insight. I know if he had a USC blog I would follow it and so would others.


  • ftfo2009


    Go make out with a loaded shotgun Bucket.

  • ProbationU

    Mora has the same policy at UCLA. It’s a smart policy. When they ask how Hundley’s ankle is, Mora says “fine.” Not fond of Kiffin, but he is right on this one.

  • Ralph Von Albertson, Esq.


    NJ Trojan, you see that my name is spoken, and, as if summoned by black magic, I appear. Little seems to have changed on this blog since Stanford’s 2011 defeat of your then-underrated Trojans. The same trolls still lurk about, although I see that Mr. Nobs is using a new nom de plume. It’s unfortunate that this primitive website does not allow you to post pictures instead of usernames; for his own handle, Nobs could have posted a photo of a filthy toilet bowl filled to the brim.

    I apologize for the childish vulgarity, but then again, this is the Laughlin of sports blogs, is it not? I mean, if you can’t be nasty here…

    More to the point, I have prudently chosen not to talk trash about USC this year. Who knows what will happen on Saturday? My beloved Stanford is without Andrew Luck, the Scipio Africanus of Stanford football. And though your Coach Kiffin has all the etiquette and style of a pack mule (really, picking a fight with a blogger who “reports to work” by heading downstairs to the computer in Mom’s basement?), your QB Barkley no doubt acquired many voodoo charms and spells during his so-called relief work on his trip to Haiti. No doubt, he breathed deep of the darkness.

    In the end, Trojans, if Stanford lets the air out of your BCS balloon this weekend, you really should thank us. You won’t have to suffer all the tension of those championship hopes.

    Best regards,

    (dictated but not read)


  • hadenusc

    Well I complement USC and Kiffin for taking this stand. No press writer and I mean NO PRESS writer has a right to override a college football team’s policies. Oh Scott will say he is within policy. Access is strictly up to the university. END OF DISCUSSION.
    Wolf was wrong Period. No matter where the injury happened in game or elsewhere. To update the injury status when it was not released yet is acting on his own.
    Wolf gains nothing but shows all he he was trying to do is get readership. Its not his business by saying anything about injuries until the TEAM makes that decision to release it !

  • ftfo2009

    >post pictures instead of usernames
    >if you can’t be nasty here

  • TrojanPete

    Here’s why the ban on Wolf was plain stupid on Haden’s part and why ultimately they had to somewhat apologize to him–blowback. This isn’t Lincoln, Nebraska or Gainesville, Florida where a journalist could get fired for saying something that marginally pisses off the coach even if he is purely reporting fact. This is Los Angeles. There are no secrets in LA. Gary Klein breaks a story on Joe McKnight possibly receiving way more benefits than originally presumed and what happens? He gets praise for breaking the story. The media here is more brutal than in most places. If you close practices and start punishing a guy because he reports something he finds out, you (USC) will pay. It will come in the form of other journalists who will decide to all of a sudden run a story on players who may or may not have received a free ice cream cone from someone last year and thus jeopardizing the season. Again, in a lot of places, you get fired for reporting negatively on the home team but in LA, you become a star.

    Pat Haden should have thought this through because if there’s anyone who puts his own reputation and likeability above all else, it’s him. The media has largely been kind to him in times that he has looked weak. You guys may not like Wolf and other members of the media might not like him either but if they see one of their own being restricted, the claws come out. Not reporting injuries is one thing but punishing someone for reporting on it is stupid.

  • yeah, you apologyze sucka!! too late though, Wolff is gonna mop the floor with the Lame Kitten, he should have known better than to mess with the Wolff.

  • Revenge of Charlie Bucket

    love how the spectacle of Kiff’s apology has stirred the bombastic grocer/atty Ralphie Von Albertson from his web covered lair!!

    i have also speculated the trOXans will stumble and flame out too early this season!! in the past, they usually make it the 8th-9th game of the year to blow a crucial game to an overmatched opponent!!

    all this distraction prior to a tough road game might just be enough to sink the trOXans BCS currency!!

    another question i bandied about with a trOXan aquiantance today at lunch: how could Bounce Pass sign off on such a juvenile “suspension” of the wolfman, knowing it violated numerous tenents and just plain failed the sniff test??? the surprising answer i came up with was…..Haden did not know about it!!!

    that’s right, Kiff must’ve gone rogue and made the decision without checking with Bounce Pass!!!

    oh if there is a sure way to get in trouble with a boss is to set them up to be blindsided by some controversy that makes them look like either an ass or someone whose subordinates don’t keep them in the looop!!!

    remember, Kiff’s old boss called a press conference solely for the purpose of calling Kiff “a flat out liar”!!!

    oh Chucker-Bucker, you’ve DONE IT AGAIN!!!!!!!

  • 3rdandlong

    Scott, are you now out shopping for a prom dress?

  • trojanvitty1

    Wolf is a low level, small paper, amateur beat writer. He stirred the pot to create talk on purpose. The fact that Coach Kiffin has to deal with his petty ass and is a distraction during game week really makes me mad. Kiffin needs to stay focused on the team and media needs to respect the coach and universities very simple request to not discuss injuries. There is plenty to write about. I have no problem with SC closing practice to the media if they overstep their boundries. If they act or report in an irrisponsible way then they should be punished just like anyone else who screws up at work or school etc. The media is not above the law. I truly believe that if SW reported in a professional way and didnt get personal or sarcastic in his silly writings then coach Kiffin and others would respect him. Personally, I have no respect for SW or his writings- just not good journalism.

  • USConquer

    Both NJ Trojan and Lawyer John should put a muzzle on it.

  • Goatboy Kiffin

    Wolfie toys with that immature punk Goat Kiffin … funny stuff. Indstead of preparing his next bubble screen, Haden makes Goat apologize to Wolfie.
    Funny stuff …

  • marvgoux

    USConquer should put a muzzle on it. NJTrojan is the best thing about this blog.

  • Jethro G. Sabbath


    When you have lunch with your “trOXan aquaintance” do you actually say troxan with the “x” in conversation?
    That would be rather odd if you did.