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Freshman center Cyrus Hobbi, who finished the Syracuse game, fully understands “the system” according to offensive line coach James Cregg. Link here.

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  • The Monopoly is Over Here 2.0

    Wolf, any updated on Holmes’s ankle? Perhaps you can let us know exactly how severe of a high ankle sprain and whether or not he needs laser therapy? Perhaps you can give us an estimate of how long he’ll be out?

    What’s that? Oh….. #freescottwolf

  • NJ Trojan

    After 2 games USCs pass eff D is 118.11. Thats not bad but its not championship-level. In 07 it was 102.07 & 6th in the nation. In 08 it was 85.75, second only to ALs 11 pass eff D over the last five years. Even the 09 teams pass eff D was pretty good at 105.97 & 16th in the nation. The bottom fell out in 10 with a 135.85 rating (83rd). It improved slightly last year to 130.32 (64th). A small amount of this is due to the increasing sophistication of pass eff O since ave pass eff D has fallen by about 6% over the past ten years but theres no mistaking the decline in USCs pass eff D from Carrolls D to Kiffins D. Pass eff D under Kiffin is improving but by how much remains to be seen.

    I was watching the replay of the 2nd Q at Syr last night. USC was playing nickel exclusively or almost exclusively with Robey, Harris & Baucham. McDonald was one S & I believe the other was Wright. They seemed to be playing mostly zone but I think Robey was playing some man. Generally, Robey was lined up over the slot receiver with Harris covering the left and Baucham covering the right. I didnt count or chart the passes but it seemed to me Syr threw more often to the left but only slightly. I only noticed one att near Robey (which Robey broke up nicely). Harris played the run very well making at least 2 tackles including a TFL (Robey should have had a TFL but the RB slipped right past him). His coverage wasnt bad during the 2nd Q but he got away with an obvious hold or PI when he grabbed a WRs jersey. Baucham got beat on a pass to the end zone but he stayed with the WR and made a very athletic leap to breakup the pass which was slightly under-thrown. The problem appeared to be a gap in coverage between the CBs underneath and the Ss over the top. After one completion between Baucham & (I believe) McDonald, you could see Baucham talking to (I believe) McDonald as they made their way to the new LOS. At least thats the way it looked to me during the 2nd Q.

  • LovetheCapper

    Mono, hang tight. The Wolfman is passing the info to Deep Throat for distribution.

  • steve a

    Wolf likes looking at shoes

  • steve a

    Wolf likes looking at shoes