Did You Know?

Wide receiver Robert Woods’ 76-yard run last week makes him USC’s second-leading rusher behind Silas Redd. Curtis McNeal’s rushed for 73 yards in two games.

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  • ThaiMex

    Most embarrassing run so far….Goat Boy getting his A$$ handed to him and running away from Scotty!
    Fit on Kiffy….and fit on torgans!

  • SoCaLNative_1959

    You seem to have a pretty good team over at Westwood Tech for the first time this century. Why don’t you try being a real fan and spend some time on the bRuin blog you f-ing prick. Go talk some shit on the Huskers blog, when you manage to win, or at least score on USC, come back. Until then crawl back into the hole you crawled out of.

  • Evil Robot

    Nice attempt at stirring the pot. The carries are split exactly 60/40 in favor of Redd over McNeal, as they should be since he is the best RB on the roster. Their yards per carry reflect that 60/40 almost exactly, so they are giving the right guy the ball.

    Why don’t you just go with Silas Redd’s 41 yards per catch makes him the receiver with the highest average per catch and imply that Kiffin doesn’t know how to use his wide receivers?

    Did you know that… Wide receiver Robert Woods’ 76-yard run last week (would) make(s) him Stanford’s second-leading rusher behind Stepfan Taylor? You can say the same thing about Brett Hundley at UCLA or pretty much any non-starting RB who had a 70+ yard carry in the first two weeks of the season. Oregon is probably the only exception in the Pac-12, but rushing for 300 yards against Arkansas St. can skew things a bit.