Have an iPad? Get the Daily News College Football iPad App


The Daily News’ College Football iPad App is now available now for free via the App Store. After weeks of delay waiting for approval from Apple, the Los Angeles Newspaper Group released its visually stunning and interactive app filled with great USC and Pac-12 content.

The app includes:

– Features on USC
– Player depth charts
– Video interviews
– Links to the USC blog
– Season schedules
– Heisman predictions
– A pre-season look at all the Pac-12 football teams

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  • The Monopoly is Over Here 2.0

    I’d rather wipe my ass with sandpaper than get any closer to Gargamel on my iPad…

    “What’s up with advertising on this blog? Are you a shill for the editors of the Daily News now that they saved your ass? Commmmmeeeeeeeee Onnnnnnn Maaaaaaaaaaan!” Keyshawn Johnson

  • snarfy

    The app includes:

    Snarky commentary
    Juvenile sniping
    Wildly incompetent poll ballots
    Incorrect grammar
    Borderline pedophile interviews with co-eds

    No thanks.

  • SCman

    Why are the players’ lower extremities exploding in the picture?


    The same darn ad was placed on the UCKLA blog, except for its teaser stating that it had all kinds of UCKLA information.

    Advertisement whoorees everywhere you turn, and have you noticed how they are now plugging ads in on t.v. and the radio DURING the football game instead of waiting for a timeout?–


  • Ex-Cop

    “After weeks of delay waiting for approval from Apple…”

    Man, even the shills are gratuitously snarky around here. I have no doubt that Steve Jobs himself left orders prior to his death to delay approvals of any Los Angeles Daily News apps for as long as legally and ethically possible.

  • Trojan in Seattle

    Looks like someone’s covering their ass at the Daily News. I’ve been involved in dozens of iPhone apps. Everyone knows there’s a two week wait for approvals. It’s been that way almost since the beginning of the App Store (sorry, actually it was longer at first)… and this isn’t the Daily News’s first app.

    Plus, you can even request an expedited review if your app is associated with a time-critical event like the start of football season.

    Either they finished their app much later than expected (and didn’t request the expedited review) or they didn’t follow Apple’s guidelines and had to resubmit to address their mistakes. But there’s no way Apple took any special amount of time to review a simple content-focused app like this. Lame developer excuse! (Plus, love the typos in the app description. What exactly is “expand coverage”? Is that anything like “expanded coverage”? Very professional!)

  • ftfo2009


  • Trojan Conquest

    Has Sheldon Price starting at CB for USC, and only 10 defensive players with no Middle Linebacker.

  • DFWTrojan

    I was just about to download the app, but then decided that I would rather download the Sleep Talk Recorder app to find out what I say in my sleep. It sounds, oh, about 1 million times more fun than the Daily News app. Sorry Scott.