• W.E.B. Dupree

    Maybe a memo needs to go out to the rest of the Pac-12 that beating USC is not really a “rush the field” event these days (except for UCLA, of course).

  • LovetheCapper

    booty, don’t forget Haden and The Greek. They are just as bad if not worse.

    Scott, if I were you, I’D take my OWN suspension. SC sucks.

  • Troy

    What a huge drop from Holmes to Hobbi. No screen plays? When there’s too much pressure, you use the screen and I didn’t see that at all tonight.

  • BoscoH

    Well Scott, you can’t say Kiffin didn’t let Barkley air it out in the first half. Khaled Holmes the game MVP. And I mean absolutely no disrespect to him.

    That is one physical football team. If Coach Shaw has them up for every game and they don’t all kill themselves trying, they should be a contender.

  • LovetheCapper

    Troy, #70 was one BIG FAT piece of crap. He looked like a matre’d…..right this way sir.

  • Troy

    Capper – I think you meant 77…no? The pressure and sacks were all in the interior and I don’t understand why the run plays were drawn into middle late in the game. They should have used the screen. And big penalties again in a Stanford game hurts, with that personal foul on a 4th down in the second half. I thought that was bogus.

  • TF70

    That offensive line couldn’t get running yards on a blind nun in the middle of a snowstorm. Pathetic coaching and play calling! Can’t wait to see the grades this week. They should be F- in just about every category.

  • spedjones

    Perhaps more time coaching and less time worrying about Wolfie and Lame pulls it out? But seriously, not only is pick 6 Barkley out of the Heisman, but UCLA will rightly be ranked ahead of the Trogans when the new polls are released? Bwahahaha!

  • Mike 70

    You have to be able to RUN the ball. You can’t pass every down. Horrible offensive performance and equally horrrible play calling.

  • bigjscfn

    Kiffen is how you lose that game Defense did there part!

  • BearBryant3

    Offensive line didn’t get it done period. Big drop off at center, but that still has come down to offensive line coach getting it done.

  • buffcatt

    That was some of the worst offensive line play ive seen in years. At least 2 of those offensive lineman should be benched next week. Or the o-line coach fired…..WOW was the fix in? And Lane is not a 12-0 coach, hes a 9-3 coach.

  • Trojan Conquest

    Because the O Line is terrible, and Barkley is over-rated. He can’t move, and not very accurate on down field passes. Different game if Soma holds onto the 4th down TD pass, but again the O Line is terrible. No pass protection, and no holes for runs. Time to recruit more big linemen, and stop worrying about Oregon.

  • LovetheCapper

    Troy, no I mean 70. Look at the last series. HORRIBLE.

  • ThaiMex

    So when does Goat Boy, the OVERPAID carpet bagger, start with his “IFFIN” we woulda gotten that call…or IFFIN that wouda been a home game…When does it all start?
    When do all you WAH WAH’s who previously loved Goat Boy’s SMUG demeanor, start calling for his head?
    BTW…it only gets worse from this point on.
    Fit on Torgan!

  • BearBryant3

    Defense was great and kept them in the game. No screens especially middle screens or draws. Run game is only zone running no down blocking or power running game. Would have like to see more fly run game also so woods and lee can touch the ball.

  • Revenge of Charlie Bucket

    ok lets get to work!!!

    well-a well-a well-a…it looks like the ChuckerBucker is oh so right on a number of comments and predictions!!!

    first and foremost, the Karma Chameleon kicked the trOans right in the nuts for their pitiful attempt to pick on the wolfman!!!!

  • PA Trojan

    Awful play calling – memories of Lane’s first stint at SC. Why keep running the ball? Keep Barkley in the shotgun to give him time to unload. 2 injured RB’s and 2 of the best receivers in the nation and he wants to use the former more than the latter. Just doesn’t make sense. Totally gutted and I’m just a fan – can’t imagine how the team feels!

  • Goatboy Kiffin

    Goatboy would be a 3 win coach if he were anywhere but USC. The guy sucked when he was OC before and sucks even worse now. Can you imagine a dumber coach at SC … well besides Steve Suckisian than Goatboy Kiffin

  • W.E.B. Dupree

    Well, whether they won or lost, either way tomorrow I was going to wake up with the same life I had today. I’ll still look forward to going to the games to visit with friends and booze it up before the games and get whatever entertainment I can out of them. I suppose that’s how Oregon State fans feel most of the time. Hey, at least we’re not Arkansas.

  • DT-89

    So many of the comments here are embarrassing. A lot of things went wrong tonight: Some bad luck, some near-misses, some players out that hurt us. Blaming the coach is ludicrous. So many aspects of our team under-performed.

    And Stanford was awesome. Is Nunes an ace? Not a chance. But he made plays and they dominated us up front. Our defense actually played well. Close to stopping them quite a few times, but, hey, sometimes, it just doesn’t happen.

  • LovetheCapper

    PA, the team is happy happy happy. Haden got them a tour of a art studio, saw a Broadway Musical in the city, took the Alcatraz tour and had a bottle of French wine before the game. The Greek just stood around and grinned. Man, between Haden, The Greek and Job Hopper, USC Athletics is SCREWED. Bring back Garrett.

  • TrojanRick

    The Defense sucked, just like the offense.
    No one gets a pass on this game.
    Both lines looked like swiss cheese.
    As to the secondary, I can only hope Starling and Harris get injured, and soon, so potential rookies can show their stuff, unlike those 2 bozos.
    And anyone thinking they should have used screen passes was not watching the game – way too many of them, mostly for losses.
    The only pass play that seemed to work was the down & in that Lee caught, maybe late in the 3rd quarter. I wondered all night why that success was never explored again. Those sideline passes have slim chance, even with replay assistance.
    Won’t need to be concerned that I don’t have PAC-12 network on DirecTV – the Cal game will probably not be worth watching.

  • Trojanfan

    I think I’ll stop drinking the koolaid for awhile…..very disappointed….enough said

    PS….I thought the game plan sucked….Kiff was clueless tonight

  • tqt888

    It’s funny how one injury to a non-skill position player like Holmes came to kill the Trojans tonight.
    I don’t understand Kiffin and his love to go for it one 4th down. That 4th and 19 call was dumb. Yes, Woods made a great play to pick it up but how many times will that happen on a 4th and 19? Then they go for it on another 4th down instead of kicking the FG to make it a two score game (the throw to the end zone to the FB). I understand Hedairi is out but you gotta give your second kicker a shot. It was a pretty close FG but a FG would’ve made it a 2 score game.

    BTW, I think the biggest play was the Uko personal foul when Stanford was about ready to punt. It changed field position and was huge for Stanford

    Wolf is right to criticize Kiffin. Carroll’s teams would always show up to play big games. USC played scared tonight. Hobbi looked like a kid playing against a monster.

  • Trojanfan

    One more thing…Hobbi needs his scholie revoked

  • TrojanMaestro

    Well said DT-89. Proud Trojan family man here. Gonna get back up off the mat tomorrow and fight the rest of the year. Sure it hurts, especially knowing we are much better than we showed. But, that’s life. That’s the beauty of this game.

    So glad I am not a pathetic b-ruin troll talking trash…attempting to kick someone when they are down. But really, can’t expect much from them. Life is good being a Trojan, still. Fight on fellas!!

  • tjmac

    How about changing up the snap count? Stanford looked like they stole our playbook.

  • oregon111

    you guys don’t have the same team you did last year,
    and once Stanford started exploiting your backup center, you had no chance of sustaining anything on offense

    Barkley is a system QB – he only plays well when the offense is clicking and he has protection

    Stanford’s QB sucked and they still won – that is what should worry you as you move on to play teams that have good passing attacks

    I won’t talk shit or gloat – you lost cuz your backup center was not ready for a pac12 game and the Stanford D came thru that hole like they were breaching a dam,

    but isn’t that on Kiffen???

  • Revenge of Charlie Bucket

    i would suggest the debate over the Pious Passer is now over. game set and match to Chucker-Bucker!!!

    Pious One specializes in piling up stats on crummy teams, but aas i always said, the he gets a little pressure he falls apart!!!

    this game is picture perfect illustration of what i have always said!!! Pious had a chance to finally lead a big comeback…he threw numberous pics and towards the end he was what 2-20 in the clutch and falling down with the slightest touch!!! and i saw several phantom sacks where he went down with no contact!!!!

  • NJ Trojan

    Wow. SU was really impressive. Those last three drives were outstanding. I was wishing USC had that kind of OL on the last 2. USC’s OL was the real problem. I felt bad for Hobbi. He looked lost and overpowered. I think Troy’s right about the pressure and the sacks. The OTs got beat a few times but for the most part the pressure came from the inside. USC’s pass eff D was outstanding at 111.44. But 202 yards rushing at 5.5 yards a pop? Other than that big 59-yard TD run and Nunes’s scrambles though USC gave up 110 yards rushing at 3.3 yards a pop. The D held SU to 3 scores and hung tough until those last 3 drives. The D was not the problem. Barkley just couldn’t get the ball to his playmakers. Lee had a great night with 8 catches for 100 yards but nobody else did. And Barkley was clearly rattled. Five sacks. I had figured this team would lose 2x. They should win the next 4: Cal at home, a little extra time to prep for road games at UT & WA & then CO at home. 4-1 in the last 5 games & the P12S would be a nice season.

  • DT-89

    Thanks Maestro —

    I hate how spoiled and bratty so many of us have become. I’m disappointed and discouraged, but we just got beat.

    We’ll certainly play better in the future, but it could be high time that we rethink the hype, preseason media and all that goes with it. So many times, the bill for that extra pressure has to get paid sometime.

  • Cade McNown’s Handicapped Sticker

    Barkley should have entered the draft last year.

    This year, every NFL scout is going to focus his flaws — too short, average arm, can’t make plays on his own.

    No Heisman, and he will be drafted in the lower first round. He cost himself millions by staying in school.


    We can scratch this loss up to the O-line. While I dont think Barkley is the second coming, you can’t put this loss on him. Every single play there was either a defensive man dragging on him or in his face. Same goes for the run game, if the O-line cant make holes for the backs, the D only has to focus on the pass. And you cant expect the defense to play great when they’re on the field the entire game. Piss-poor performance, not unlike ASU last year. Lets just hope they can get the offensive line figured out fast. Pac12 is much stronger than usual this season, and there are certainly no gimmes on the schedule, besides say Colorado.

  • miguelito

    not surprised

  • Troyans

    Totally uninspired playcalling. We used to be known for our halftime adjustments back when Kiffin or Sark was the OC with PC. None here tonight. Let’s just do MORE of the crap that doesn’t work. I remember the Rose Bowl against Michigan not too long ago when we couldn’t run it the first half and came out in the 2nd half, threw every down and demolished UM with Dwayne Jarret and Steve Smith. How about some bootlegs, putting recievers in motion before the snap, toss sweeps etc? Just a lot of standing around and running into our waylaid linemen. Also, Silas Redd is boring – just saying – not in the usc tradish of backs.


    The problem wasnt Redd. The problem was that coach kept calling runs up the middle, when it was clear that the O-line couldnt make holes. I agree though, when you cant run up the middle, toss it to the oustide and let our backs get into some space. Poor playcalling at its finest.

  • schammer47

    With a healthy Khaled Holmes at center and either Dawson or Pullard at Middle LB, the 2012 Trojans might be the NUMBER ONE NCAA FOOTBALL TEAM in the NATION. No team in college football history has ever beaten a top 10 NCAA football team with a completely helpless center; helpless physically, in mental preparation, and as a LEADER.

    News Alert: I believe MB7 was seriously injured late in the second quarter, before throwing the two interceptions. I believe he played injured the entire second half. My guess is either a rib or a back injury. After taking the big two way hit front and back, MB7 should have been taken into the locker room before half time and thoroughly examined, replacing MB7 with Wittek if MB7 was hurt. Line Wittek up in the shotgun the rest of the game. If MB7 is not totally healed by the Cal game, put Wittek in for Barkley. Wittek can beat Cal with Holmes at center.

    It’s my understanding USC can lose to the Tribe and the Ducks during the regular season, come out on top in the South division, beat the Northern Champion in the playoff game, and earn the right to represent the PAC-12 in the Rose Bowl on New Years Day. The NC I believe is no longer in the mix, but a Rose Bowl appearance sure as H#ll is.

    If the Trojans regain their health in time to beat Cal, our big concern must be “Is Lane Kiffin capable of taking the Trojans to a conference championship, this year or any other year?” It remains to be seen. Kiffin’s calling card is to come out in the second half with a weak game plan, laced with incredibly stupid plays. Kiffin, wise up, d*mn it !!! Adjust at half time. Exploit the defenses weaknesses.

    Despite Kiffin, with a healthy center, a healthy MB7, the defense that held Stanford to 21 points, the 2012 Trojans can be victorious in the Rose Bowl at seasons end !!!


    FIGHT ON !!!

  • ThaiMex

    schammster…you might want to take that Dodge Dart of yours into a service center right quick…I suspect you’ve got a serious exhaust leak into the passenger compartment.
    fit on!

  • miguelito


  • Stackfire

    Losses expose weaknesses.

    Kiffin’s teams are not well prepared. Regular problems with assignments and formations and the play clock. No commitment to run offense. Putting the unathletic Barkley under center is just plain bizarre. Undisciplined defense with regular pointless personal fouls. Not having quality backup place kickers in Southern California with hundreds of local great soccer players just means Kiffin has neglected a huge factor – place kicking – in building his program. Such neglect seems to have also been a Pete C tradition.

    Barkley is clearly overrated and will never carry this team. Why any opponent would drop back in cover zones and let our receivers get their hands on passes in open spaces is beyond me. But Barkleys 4 sacks last year were a direct result of that witless approach. I do not expect this is the last time #7 will see frequent 5 and 6 man rushes.

    Having said that, USC should have flattened Stanford. Nunes is horrible. Stanford made many more penalties than they normally do. Taylor was stopped for no or little gain on most of his 1st down rushes. Stupid penalties, poor tackling, and a lame game plan gave away a game USC should have dominated.

    Woods, Lee, Agholor, and the TE’s are enough to beat everyone left on our schedule if we can get some traction on 1st down run offense. And the D is solid.

    If Kiffin could just coach as well as he can recruit. Nice 2 minute O at the end, especially the run. Such a waste of fine athletes and world class PR.

  • Bill

    It was awesome game!

  • Bill

    … and it is going to be awesome waking up and being ranked ahead of the Toejams!

    Jump off the bandwagon On!

  • ThaiMex

    Thank goodness Stackfire is still around (BTW, is your last name KIFFIN?) because I was beginnin’ to think we weren’t gonna see any “iffin” posts! You know what I’m talking about.., Lame and/or Pappy Kiffin explainin’ that “IFFIN” the ref’s hadn’t made bad calls, or (this one was my favorite!) iffin the guy in charge of the Game Clock had started the clock….., Iffin this, Iffin that, after every LOSS, IFFIN excuses have become a new kind of TRADITION @ Tradition Rich, SANCTION U!
    Are you “itchin’ for another session of “IFFIN w/ The Kiffins? Fear Not! I get the feeling…”IFFIN w/ The Kiffins will return again next week after the Cal Game.
    fit on Torgan!

  • Bill

    If he could coach as well as he recruits, he would be RIck Neuheisel!

  • marvgoux

    schammer is right, that hit in the second quarter could have injured Matt. Might be like when Yogi put Booty back in with the broken finger.

  • Scammer 47, put down that crack pipe. Geeeeesh!

  • Trojanfan

    USC is still ranked ahead of the Ruins

    Bill, you’re a fuckin idiot, stick to the cartoons, football in waaaaay too complicated for you

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