Game Day Prediction

This could be a tricky one. Stanford was outgained in yardage its first two games. Has a young quarterback. Looks like another workmanlike USC victory. But the defense left doubts last week and will the Trojans attempt a field goal today?
My prediction: USC 41, Stanford 31.

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  • How does Scott Wolf keep his job?

    What the hell does a “another workmanlike USC victory” mean?

    And the following bit of genius makes no sense either. You make a statement combined with a question.

    Haden should have banned you because you are grossly incompetent.

  • LovetheCapper

    Scotty, aka Pu$$yboy, would pick the Trojans over the 1967 Packers today. Wah wah wah. Kiss @$$.

  • BoscoH

    Excellent prediction, Scott.

  • Jethro G. Sabbath

    Many of the 1967 Packers have since passed away as has the legendary coach. Those who are still around are in their 70’s and showing the effects of having played in the NFL.
    I’d take the Trojans today and give fourteen.

  • Edward

    USC has the younger quarterback.

  • Trojanfan

    What!…the wolfman is trying to be contrite

  • steve49

    Hey trojanfan ^^ scott doesn’t know what that means. To big of a word.