Inexcusable Really

I mentioned this last week. Lane Kiffin plays not to lose instead of playing to win. And I think that caught up with USC tonight. Also, in bigger games, Pete Carroll teams played loose because of him. Tonight USC looked tight.

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  • W.E.B. Dupree

    Good thing it’s still legal to drink alcohol.

  • ReelBruin2

    See you November 17.

  • bushwhite

    hey Trojans, I am signing off for the year. Season is over, best we could hope for is possibly another Rosebowl but the team I saw tonight should pray to go 7-5.

    Enough silly losses to Stanford, Oregon St, UCLA, etc…I think kiffin is about 90% of this loss with his bubble screen offense, he needs to be fired.

    But anyway, give ’em hell for old SC die hards who will stay on this board.


  • Goatboy Kiffin

    Lane 4th and 40 Kiffin chokes again. Hell Stanford didn’t even play that well and Goatboy still choked.
    What a loser … how the hell did he ever become the coach here.

  • ThaiMex

    Bushwipe….Honestly…you won’t be missed! There’s plenty of big mouth know nothing RAH RAH types here already.
    Redd…..Mercy Nurse….13 carries for 19 YARDS? Barkley..couldn’t hit a receiver…forget about a slower GOLF CART! The sanctions aren’t the problem? You guys are right…it’s not the sanctions , it’s the lack of DEPTH
    and what happens when someone goes down w/ injuries (ex. look at the “O” line). LIMBO U…where there’s only ONE WAY TO GO, LOWER!
    (you think Goat Boy would still vote SCUm #1?)
    fit on Torgan!

  • Revenge of Charlie Bucket

    HAWR-HAWR!!! wolfman, i know you’r too classy to say it, but maybe if kidd and bounce pass were not so TOTALLY OBSESSED with banning the wolfman, they might’ve hada better game plan against the Treees!!!

    oh to see the trOXans get smashed in the mouth like that…almost took the smirk off the Pious Passer!!!

  • steve49

    Geez, Wolf, with your insight and intelligence it’s no wonder kiff wanted to run you off, he was jealous. You should have his job.

    I enjoy the clowns that want to blame it Barkley. He hung in well and got his ass kicked tonight. I am suprised bucket didn’t post sooner, but his hard on probably sucked all the blood from his brain.

  • SoCalMAB

    Really. This game did one thing: Show that USC is seriously lacking at depth. We all knew Matt Kalil’s job would be hard to fill, but taking away the one really experienced O-lineman – Holmes, made it much worse. TV analysts kept honing in on fact that the Stanford Nose just basically walked right into Barkley’s face. No protection for screen without Holmes. Just rather sad. Barkley hung in there, and tried his best, but with no O-line to hold them off, what can one expect? Hopefully Holmes will be back soon or the new guys will pick up some experience real fast. All you fair weather fans can go your usual way, some of us hang in there in good times or bad.

  • Sam Gilbert

    How is a coach who goes for it on 4th down playing not to lose?