New Quote Of The Night

Several readers report that Fox Sports studio host Erin Andrews said Stanford students were not going to class tomorrow because of the Cardinal’s upset.

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  • realtrojan

    That’s perfectly understandable. I’d probably be dancing in the street all weekend long if I were one of them. lol. Who woulda thunk this would happen to them without Luck?

  • PLH55

    Realtrojan – tomorrow’s Sunday and classes start for them on the 24th

  • BoscoH

    She got a couple other sarcastic zingers in. I think she’s going to prove herself too smart for the FoxSports audience. That was not a dumb blonde joke by any means.

  • Revenge of Charlie Bucket

    wolfman, why didn’t you post yout pic where you and Erin are hugging and giggling??

    the picture begs the question, what did you two do the evening before???

    it’s a given none of the Nabobs would ever get that close to Erin without paying an autograph fee. (Chortle)

  • LovetheCapper

    I did think it was odd how giddy all the Fox people were that SC was losing and lost. Just shows Mike Garrett was right. People are jealous of SC.

  • miguelito

    Yeah, I’m sure everyone is jealous of that superb team we saw last night.

    wait until gramps gets a load of the new spread attacks in the south.

    the oregon game is gonna be great fun to watch too

  • LovetheCapper

    Miguelburrito, I didn’t expect an ignorant gardner to understand this. I was referring to jealousy in ALL aspects of USC. Football is just one program. It includes all the wealth we have which enables us to hire guys like you, bucket, yoda, bSlob, etc. Sure, we don’t like to lose, but in the overall scheme of life, BFD. Gotta go now….on my boat. Enjoy the IE heat today….AND DON’T BE LATE TO WORK TOMORROW. I want my lawn DONE before NOON.

  • miguelito

    it’s called a raft Cleetus,it’s not a boat if it comes in a box (similar to your wine).

    And I live in Boston, for the record.

    You are dumber than you sound if you think southern cal is the standard for wealthy/elite universities.

    You are right on one thing, football is only one program…and it’s southern cal’s only program that is(was) worth a damn.

    please retain the iffins!!!

  • LovetheCapper

    Think I’ll open a can of Bostob beans, more commonly known as miguelito beans. Yummy.

  • Gnossos

    “I don’t always talk to ucla grads…..but when I do I ask for large fries.”

  • Racism from Capper, and his peers remain silent?