• BoscoH

    I think you need to ask Marqis Lee. He apparently has his broken in now and made a phenomenal catch with the help of one of them.

  • Revenge of Charlie Bucket

    good one wolfman!!!

    let me take this time to commend you wolfman:

    when Kiff and Bounce Pass tried to humiliate you, you kept it classy. you heve the ultimate bully pulpit, but did not use it do defend yourself! rather you played it classy and the entire sports reporting community overwhelmed the crooked trOXans Admin and made them back down!!

    and EVEN THEN, after Kiff’s apology, you reacted with cool and calm rather that going for the retribution they you could have so easilly conjured up!!

    bravo wolfman!!!

  • Bill

    The mascot wearing a skirt didn’t help much either.