About Those Recruiting Rankings

How many of Stanford’s players would start for USC? The most drastic example might be at quarterback. Matt Barkley and Josh Nunes were both from the same class and from Southern California.
I’m not trying to compare them. I’m just saying it doesn’t always matter what someone is ranked or what a team’s recruiting ranking is. A lot of media are talking today about Stanford being too physical for USC.
How is that possible if USC has had top 5 recruiting classes the past five years?

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  • Gollum=Wolf

    Talent doesn’t win games, Gargamel. Couple piss poor coaching/game planning with a sense of entitlement and no heart (ie, comments from Telfar and Martinez, the ’07 debacle and everything in between) you get what was witnessed last night…and that’s no BS.

  • W.E.B. Dupree

    My God, Wolf, you don’t mean… you’re not suggesting… you can’t possibly… of all the… are you implying that we — that we should blame… the COACH?

  • Bill

    None, because they are winners and Lame Kitten doesn’t like winners!

  • Trojan Conquest

    Stanford has recruited better OLinemen.

  • LovetheCapper

    How’s that new AD working out?

  • Gollum=Wolf

    I don’t know, LC, but I would have to say last night wasn’t “winning the right way” in my book…

  • LovetheCapper

    We’re winning the right way all right. Drink On!

  • NJ Trojan

    Great topic. Instead of asking loaded Q maybe you could provide a little analysis. In any event SU’s classes have been pretty highky ranked ever since harbaugh got it rolling.

  • spedjones

    Speaking of talent, is George Farmer even on the team anymore?

  • ThaiMex

    Why all the chest pounding over a bunch of recruits who NEVER PAN OUT. Happens every single year, but I suppose thats the price you pay for LOWER admission standards, and exceptions. You see, Stanford, UCLA and a couple of others don’t play Homies game! Sure you win a few more games (some get erased by the NCAA), and you get some National Recognition (some good, some like Bushgate, McKnight), and couple more Heisman’s (some of those get REVOKED too!), and in the end you’re stuck with a GREASY reputation, Players with “Character issues”, Recruiting Sanctions, and a Head Coach who’s nickname is GOATBOY (the overpaid incompetent Carpetbagger who seems preoccupied with stupid little things like…banning reporters, pre-game walk thru’s, the color of socks…because he wants to show everyone that he’s in Charge! Meanwhile the foundation has caved in). Then you MISTAKENLY interpret his ASININE behavior as being BRILLIANT!
    You and GoatBoy deserve each other! 4 & 8 is not out of the question this year, though i hope SUCks does better, because 4 and 8 will get GoatBoy and staff fired. He’s overated, SLEAZY, incompetent, a POOR JUDGE OF CHARACTER, and I hope he sticks around Good Ol’ SUCks for a LONG LONG time.
    fit on torgan!


    12 of 13 sound like a familiar stat to you Thaidick? Keep hating and we’ll just keep Fightin On! See ya Nov. 17. It might be 50-0 again as USC goes 13 of 14. Keep in touch, Thaidick.

  • ElCondon, you’re right, the score might be 50-0 but this time you will be on the receiving end. USC over hyped, over rated have been exposed…they have Bark but no fight in them…done, the trOJans are done…stick a fork in’em.


    Yeah, Good luck with that thought process, BruSlob…that thinking hasn’t worked for 13 years. That’s a loooooong time. Keep that wishful thinking alive. The more the merrier. Then when USC rolls 50-0 again, it’s “next year”, right? Hahahahahaa

  • 13 years? I’m assuming you forgot so quick about 13-9 loss that kept you from playing for the national championship? dumbass.