Sunday Night With Kiffin

USC coach Lane Kiffin said tonight that the left-tackle position is up for grabs between starter Aundrey Walker and freshman Max Tuerk.
“We have standards and expectations here,” Kiffin said.
On quarterback Matt Barkley, Kiffin said, “He’s pretty beat up mentally and physically.”
Kiffin said Barkley’s two interceptions “were really poor decisions by him.”
Regarding the offensive line in general, Kiffin said, “we did have the most missed assignments we ever had anywhere we’ve been.”
Kiffin said there was a reason he did not kick the 30-yard field goal but refused to discuss kicker Alex Wood’s range.

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  • LovetheCapper

    Told you it was #70. He should be playing Pop Warner.

  • Goatboy Kiffin

    Yes Pop Warner … same league Goatboy should be coaching in. Thought Goat was such a great recruiter , how come so many dogs are playing.

  • trojanesc

    Both guard positions should be opened as well. Martin and Martinez stunk as well

  • I’ve been telling you guys that the recruiting class rankings don’t mean shit…what good is having Mega *star QBs, WRs, And RBs, when you don’t havee a good OLine to give your QBs time to pass, and open them holes up


    Hopefully, Kiffin will add to the fact that he got out-coached by Stanford’s defensive coordinator. The middle of that defense was wide open all night and USC has huge tight ends. Any reason why Kiffin can’t call multiple look-ins over the middle to pull those safeties towards the middle and stop doubling up on our WR’s, as well as counteract their big push in the rush? Kiffin was every much to blame as the rest of the offense. Stop pointing fingers Kiff or you’ll be looking from the outside in soon enough. Haden is just waiting for the moment to replace you with his people. Sick of losing to teams we shouldn’t every year. Love the fact that UCLA is on the schedule every year. 12 out of 13 and going on 13 of 14 coming up. Is that a rivalry still?

  • tqt888

    He didn’t wanna kick it because he’s too arrogant. He thinks that he has such a great offense that it cannot be stopped. 4th and 19 and you go for it? You made it but what were the odds of making that? 1 out of 10!

  • CalGirl

    hiya trOJies!!! Im baaaaaaaaaaaaaack!!!
    u all missed me, didn’t you?
    had to come visit u looooosers espesh after getting whipped by the furdies lol lol lol. poor widdle barfley got spanked on his bunsies. :P:P:P
    hed betts keep em warm cuz my BEAUTIFUL BEARS are comin to town and ull all be in for a smacking!!! xPxPxP
    ooooooooooooooooooooh!!! and ive got a seeeeecreeeeet!!!
    now attending grad school… guess where??? ;););)

  • realtrojan

    You really have to feel bad for Barkley on this devastating loss. Truth be told, all of what he decided to come back for another year is pretty much demolished after yesterday’s loss, and he’ll never get another chance at winning a national championship and a quest for Heisman. In that regard, Kiffin obviously doesn’t have as many reasons to feel down and out, since he’ll probably get another shot at it, given his future teams will thrive. But then it seems to be a long shot at this point.


    Pretty sure the Trojans lost early last year and ended up #3. USC is far from being out of the national spotlight or Barkley out of the Heisman race. Loooong way to go!