Another Picture Of The Day


Even the USC drum major had a tough day, getting a breathalyzer test as he entered Stanford Stadium.

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  • BUAHAHAHAHAHAHA this should be the Picture of the year!! how typical is this?? too damn funny!!!

  • one2watch15

    cute, except that is a member of the stanford band, doing a bad masquerade job.

  • ^^^Not so, can’t you see the USC band in the background?

  • USC ’91

    I saw this on Twitter earlier today but assumed it must have been a gag with the nice officer playing along. (It most definitely is NOT a member of the Stanford band — it IS our drum major.) Does anyone know the context of this? I presume that it’s not common practice to test everyone coming into the stadium.

  • NotaFanofYou

    If WolfPutz was any good at reporting a story he would explain the picture instead of just making a snide remark about it.

    There is a rule at Stanford sporting events that if youre wearing a mascot costume, you must take a breathalyzer test. This is because of the drunken shenanigans the Stanford Tree did at a basketball game with Cal six years ago.

  • Sam Gilbert

    The Stanford drum major did dress like a Trojan, he took the chest piece and helmet off after the game but you can see he’s still wearing the rest of the outfit.

  • Dr. Arthur C. Bartner

    one2watch15, that is Keith, USC’s drum major. Stanford always does this when USC comes to the farm. He doesn’t drink before games but they insist on trying to humiliate him on hopes of catching him drink and denying entrance?

  • gotroy22

    Mothers Against Drunk Driving has gone too far.

  • Bill

    Any man wearing a skirt should take a breathalyzer test!

  • Trojanfan

    ^^^^^any man watching the cartoon network should have his balls cut off, and his man card revoked…ouch!!!!

    any luck with the waffle sandwich

  • USConquer

    Are we done for the season? Should we call it quits and admit that no BCS bowl awaits us, and no heisman statue will exchange hands with Barkley? Should we admit that Stanford is superior and just not beatble by us?

    Or should we buckle down and tighten our belt. I dont know how much of this season is salvegable. I want the best for our talented team.

  • UB – Ultimate Bruin

    And if that weren’t bad enough, the Squeeb in the Skirt then happily obliged when the oficer asked him to blow a little harder and lower.