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USC coach Lane Kiffin broke down some reasons the Trojans were upset by Stanford, and there was some pushback on twitter from his criticism of Matt Barkley’s interceptions. Link here.

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  • QueenKiff

    So if it was “tell the truth Sunday” I wonder if the tightends got to ask why they were wiped out of the gameplan in the second half? Oh wait, they were made to apologize before their commander and queen.

    Throw down the middle and this is a completely different game!

  • steve49

    Scott, please take another job.

  • LovetheCapper

    Scott, hope you are happy with your 15 minutes. Kiff can say what he wants, but every minute he had to spend on your silly situation did take away from preparation. You are seriously a TOOL.


    First, the 2 Barkley interceptions came one after another, and were pretty weird, but they did not lead to any Stanford scores, so they were irrelevant.

    Second, is Barkley hurt? In his interview after the game he was a shell of himself. And now Kiff “admits” he is physically hurt. Maybe Barks should have been replaced in the second half if he was physically compromised.

  • QueenKiff

    Oh please, Scott reports an injury, as has been the job of sideline reports since the history of sideline reporters and KiffyKins kicks him out of his play pen until his baby sitter Haden sets him straight. KiffyKins brought the Scott Wolf distraction upon himself. Don’t try to make it sound like Wolf making KiffyKins mad is why Walker, Hobbi, and Markowits forgot how to block on Saturday.

  • LovetheCapper

    QueenBee, aka Scotty’s bu!t boy, SW has been doing this $h!t for YEARS. SC hates him. Any true Trojan does not support Scotty. A$$holes like you just try to stir the pot.

  • Revenge of Charlie Bucket


    now you Nabobs have felt the Claw of the Wolf!!

    even bill plasche of the LAT commented Kiff created a “silly distraction with a member of the media”

    of course, before the game the Cadre predicted wolf-Gate would serve as a distraction to the team!!!

    oh, Chucker-Bucker, you did it AGAIN!!!!

  • Trojan Conquest

    They lost because the OL sucks, they can’t run because the OL sucks, and they don’t throw down the middle and when they do Barkley isn’t very accurate.

  • CalGirl

    Hiya trOJies!!!
    im baaaaaaack =)=)=)
    didja miss me???
    dont tell me that CREEEPER barfbucket is still around D:D:D:
    lollerskates @ BARFley getting his bunsies whupped by furdies heeheehee!!!
    just you guys wait till MY BEARS come to town =D=D=D
    ooooooooh!!!! and i have a seeeeeeeecreeeeeeeeeeet!!!

  • QueenKiff

    LovetheCrapper, so no “true” trojan supports SW? WHy does that have ANYTHING to do with mighty Kiff’s media crusade last week? I guess he wanted to show us “true” trojans that he’s one of us and evict SW! Job well done. Meanwhile 1) we’ve made a joke of our preseason ranking 2) SW still has access to cover SC and 3) Kiff made himself look like an idiot regarding both of the above. Does being a “true” trojan mean defending our visor Queen at all costs?

  • Goatboy Kiffin

    Kiffin is a joke for a play caller, what is new , we all know it. Stanford didn’t even play that well but did stop Goat’s endless bubble screens. Leaving Barney to throw it downfield which he is incapable of doing and Goatboy incapable of doing anything else.
    The Oline stinks because they are not coached … same as the D and their O-lay tackling. This program is a mess. 5 star talent … 1 star coaching.

  • marvgoux

    When exactly did SC decide this policy that only the Mafia gamblers get to know who is injured? The Pac 12 Commissioner should intervene on this insanity.

  • NJ Trojan

    Maybe Walker should be playing G. The concern coming out of HS was whether he could handle quick pass rushers. Martin was ok when he was between Kalil and Holmes but his pass pro technique needs refinement. Everybody wanted Hobbi. The RS FR just got thrown in too soon. Martinez and Graf are not great but they are solid. Unfortunately USC couldnt compensate for the weakness from the middle to the left of the line and Kiffin apparently wasnt prepared to deal with it.

    They need to regroup fast. Last year the Bears finished in the top 20 in sacks & in the top 10 in TFLs. Cal runs a 3-4 just like SU & I have a feeling the coaches were watching. You might not be able to beat Barkley, Woods & Lee if they have time to throw, but you can clearly beat the crap out of Barkley by collapsing the pocket and rushing through or around the left side of the line. At NT they have RS SR Kendrick Payne. At 6-2, 280 hes a little undersized but hes got 3 years on Hobbi & hes starting ahead of SO Viliami Moala (remember how badly USC wanted him). On the left they have Aaron Tipoti, another RS SR that should find a place on an NFL roster next year. Behind him they have Todd Barr a RS FR that was very disappointed when USC didnt recruit him. On the outside they have Brennan Scarlett a 255 SO LB with a bright future.

  • ProbationU

    It’s easy to be a nice guy when winning. Defeat exposes character or lack thereof. It wasn’t the team’s lack of character, but that of its supposed leader, Lane Kiffin. Does he as the coach take responsibility? No. He throws Aundrey Walker under the bus. He throws Matt Barkley under the bus. He might even try throwing Scott Wolf under the bus. The simple truth guys is that you got manhandled, out-coached and beaten by the more physical team. Kiffin did not have your team ready to play. He may be a great recruiter but before he is done, Lane Kiffin will turn out to be your Steve Lavin.

  • steve49

    ^ well said. Kiff needs to give up the OC reins and go about being the head coach and great recruiter.