Quote Of The Day

Lane Kiffin talked again today about why Matt Barkley struggled against Stanford:
“I didn’t change up enough for him to give him easy completions because of stuff they were taking away.”

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    Geez Louise, Kiff and SC were considered geniuses last year when they beat Oregon and then ended the season with a 50-0 blitzing of UCKLA.

    So what happened?– Well, I think it is less on the coaches and more on the players. Barks has the power to call the plays as a 4th year senior. Why didn’t he see the problem with the onslaught coming up the middle and revise the game plan to try to hit the flanks.

    Or whatever.

  • USConquer

    That’s not an accurate assessment LJ. CLK is the one calling the plays from his rubbery, shiny menu sheet. Kiff has to do better than that and I know he can. MB is not calling as many plays as he should when Kiff is stinkin it up.

    WE ARE SC! Fight ON!!

  • spedjones

    Quote of the week, not just the day, will be “George Farmer is no longer with the program”. You heard it here first.

  • I am great

    Spedjones arent you the same guy who guaranteed Kevon Seymour among others would sign with UCLA and not USC? Not sure what your sources are on your info but makes it kind of hard to believe what you post

  • spedjones

    Yeah, I called Ellis but whiffed on Seymour. But, don’t take my word…ask Wolfie where George was,or wasn’t, on Saturday.

  • schammer47

    For the USC offensive line coach to trust the center position to Cyrus Hobbi was inexcusable and I believe cost us the chance to beat Stanford by 10 or more points.

    Think about this…In Scott’s August 28, 2011 and November 6, 2011 Trojan roster, the second string center behind Holmes was John Martinez, all 6-2 290 pounds of the redshirt Sophomore. In August, Mr. Hobbi, at 6-3 290 pounds, was 4th string center. In November, Hobbi was listed as 3rd string BEHIND MARTINEZ. Abe Markowitz was dropped.

    Important: In Scott’s August 26, 2012 roster, Cyrus Hobbi is listed as second string behind Holmes. When I saw that Martinez was no longer listed as second string center, I ASSUMED THAT Mr Hobbi, now a redshirt freshman, had learned the position quickly enough to take over and PERFORM WELL at the position if need be. Last Saturday, during most of the first quarter, MB7 was calling out the blocking assignments before audibilizing and calling signals. The anouncers were incredulous. WHAT THE FU*K !!! I was incredulous and gave up on the game at that moment. Hobbi had NO FU*KING BUSINESS snapping the ball !!!

    I am going to back up. Coming out of high school in Utah, Martinez was a 4-star CENTER, meaning he had at least one year and possibly as many as three years starting at center for his high school. Cyrus was a 4 to 5 star right guard when he left high school for the Trojans. Cyrus must have enjoyed at least one year and possibly as many as three years playing right guard on his high school varsity team.

    USC OL Coach….What the He!! ? Why not Martinez at center (I’ve got to think Martinez can manage the OL effectively having played from start to finish in no less than 15 REGULAR SEASON GAMES for the same OL coach) and put Cyrus Hobbi at RIGHT GUARD were he could KICK SERIOUS A$$ without having the emotional and mental responsiblility of calling blocking asignments for the OL.

    Holmes should definitely be back for the Utah game. If he is unable to make the Cal game what do we do? Is it too late to change Martinez and Hobbi’s position? Getting game experience AND A WIN against Stanford would have been significant. Today, Hobbi might be far to discouraged to play quality football for quite some time.

    Because, what seems like simple Common Sense was violated BY THE TROJAN STAFF, we lost a game that we should have won, handily. Damn it!!!

    Let’s get our act together !!!


  • Revenge of Charlie Bucket

    i was just outside polishing the “Damn, I’m Good” license play holder on my 69 El Camino!!!!!

    the Pious Passer, in rapid and sensational fashion, proved up every Bucket Bullet Point on why he was vastly over-rated as a QB!!!!

    i mean, what’s the problem, Fats, not enough good receivers???

    how does it feel, i wonder, to blow the Heisman, the Natl Champeeenship, the Pac 12 South Champeenship and being a lottery pick, all in one fell swoooooop???

    queer, but i didn’t notice Pious Boy pointing at the scoreboard on Saturday….HAWR-HAWR!!!!

  • Goatboy Kiffin

    Hey Goatboy Kiffin … you have to be capable of making adjustments. You are not. If the bubble screen isn’t working and your all-world receivers are getting tackled by the 1st guy YOUR DONE.
    Great game … way to embarrass USC again. Which is your legacy here. MORON

  • Jethro G. Sabbath


    Why are you using this Goatboy handle so much now? It’s obvious it’s you so what do you have to hide?
    A screen name dedicated exclusively to ripping the football coach – that’s dedication!!!

  • QueenKiff

    Good post schammer, good points on the OL and Hobbi’s undeserved progression through the depth chart. If Hobbi never even touched C or Tackle in High School, only playing guard, it makes you wonder why he was rated so highly coming out of high school. Guard is the least demanding, easiest to develope position on the OL. And to baptize him at C against a brutal front 7, is as you say, “inexcusable.” Makes me think Kiffin is of the mindset where he thinks recruiting rankings translate directly to the field. IOW – “Well he was a 4 star recruit, he’ll figure it out where ever we place him.” Once in a while you get a guy like Holmes who’s talented and smart enough to mask a lack of coaching, and with him gone it’s no wonder the OL went into the gutter – because OL coaching and developement has been in the gutter since Kiffin got here.

  • NJ Trojan

    It seems to me that SUs program has become an established power. We should stop assuming that the loss of one player or coach (Gerhardt, Harbaugh, Luck) is going to see the end of the programs success. The facilities compare favorably to the rest of the conference. The academics are second to none. The program is respectable and competitive in the conference. SU has the best program among the academic elites. Over the past five years SUs ranked an ave of 4th in the conference in recruiting and 3rd over the past 3 years. If SU finishes among the top 4 teams in the conference in end of season standings & in recruiting in Feb there will be no doubt that SU is one of the P12s strongest programs.

  • Bill

    Is he a four year starter or a redshirt freshman?

    SuC On!