Balanced Offense

Tailback Curtis McNeal said he is not surprised USC’s been primarily a passing team so far.
“I expected that. When you have a big-time quarterback and big-time receivers you have to expect that,” McNeal said.

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  • USConquer

    Yeah but does it bother you Curtis? Doesn’t it feel like an itch you can’t scratch but you want to soo bad? Time to tell the truth.
    You got programs like ‘Bama who run it up on their opponents and play tough D to win games. We aren’t doing that. Why not?


    Because our O-line couldn’t create a hole if their lives depended on it.

  • NJ Trojan

    When USC had Havili didnt Kiffin run a lot more play action out of the I, offset I & pro-set? Wouldnt getting back to that help the running game & pass protection & still give Barkley 4 potential receiving targets on play-action? Correct me if Im wrong but USCs been moving toward more of a single back and shotgun type O, no? Im guessing that was to help Barkley & to exploit Woods & Lee but the OL just isnt up to the task is it?

  • Gnossos

    Didn’t they use to run wheel routes with the fullback with much success???