Barkley On Kiffin

Quarterback Matt Barkley was asked today about Lane Kiffin’s comments regarding his interceptions against Stanford.
“He’s got to be real,” Barkley said. “He defends me when he has to and has to be real when he has to.”
Barkley said, “I made some poor decisions.”
Regarding USC’s lack of deep passes, Barkley said, “Coach Kiffin’s doing the playcalling and we’ll see where we go this week.”

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  • USConquer

    You see. I told you guys that it was CLK who makes the calls and not Barkley. It’s retarded to assume that Bark would make the calls.

  • spedjones

    what did Barkley have to say about George Farmer’s whereabouts on Saturday evening?

  • lbc trojan


    How do you know USC’s roster up and down? I know maybe UCLA’s running back and QB. That’s about it.

    Does losing to USC 10 of the last 11 years do that to a UCLA fan? Make them obsessed with all things USC and hating them that much?

    sucks to suck!

  • spedjones

    SUCs to SUC? LOL. You’ll know UCLA’s roster very well come November.


    no…no… I’m pretty sure USC fans will still not know fUCLA’s roster come November. Even if fUCLA beat USC, I would not waste my time learning their roster…

  • BoscoH

    MB7 made two poor decisions that didn’t hurt the team in the least. Kiffin made one in that sequence by calling the same exact play the second time. Both teams suffered a 1 minute simultaneous brain fart. It happens.

  • arturo

    lbc you forgot the 2 forfeits because SC got caught cheating again. That makes it 8 of the last 11 years.