Walker On Left Tackle

Sophomore offensive tackle Aundrey Walker, who struggled against Stanford, spoke about fighting for his starting spot.
“Of course I’m upset but it’s nothing but motivation for being better,” he said.

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  • NJ Trojan

    Did Hobbi out perform Markowitz in preseason camp? OR did Kiffin decide that Hobbi was going to be the starting C in 2013 AND then decide to play Markowitz as the back-up LG & Hobbi as the back-up C at the end of games & in relief during games BUT knowing that he would start Markowitz in place of Holmes for more than the end of a game if necessary? I have a feeling it was the latter. With Markowitz and Holmes both down though USC had no choice but to turn to Hobbi. They need Martinez at RG (the only other available Gs are Martin & Galten since DiPoalo & Garness are just taking up space on the roster). The coaches should have anticipated that Hobbi was going to get overwhelmed (there was at least one play near the goal line when he came in at Syr where he looked totally confused) and they should have figured out a plan to deal with it.

    And, um, how did Walker best Graf in spring practice? Looking back I suspect Graf didn’t have a real chance. I think Kiffin just decided that Walker was the future at LT so he might as well go with him now. The coaches on D are moving guys around, playing Tavai at DE instead of DT, working Ruffin out at DE just in case, moving McDonald up to increase speed at the point of attack, playing Uko up and down the line, and moving Bailey up to LB a year ago where he has excelled despite his size. If Graf moved over to the left & Walker moved over to the right youd have experience on both sides of the line with Graf on the left & Martinez on the right. I know Graf is probably not good enough to deal with the quicker rush ends but obviously neither is Walker. I doubt throwing in a true FR is the best solution. Graf has USC in his blood and you can see his drive during games.

  • LovetheCapper

    Jeeze, should have known. Thanks for you inside information NJ. Btw NJ, if you’re so F’ing smart, why don’t you apply to be the next HC?

  • USConquer

    LOL @ LTC: Lighten up. NJ is just trying to add his two cents and analysis like he does every day.

  • QueenKiff

    LovetheCrapper, isn’t it easy to stew in our losses and enviously snap at anybody who comes up with worthwhile questions? Every big offer Walker had out of college was to play guard. I wonder if Walker came to SC because Kiffin worked him into believing he’d play at the more promising position of Tackle? Hand it to Kiffin for sticking with his guns, but unfortunately it’s costing us on the OL.

  • LovetheCapper

    Yor’re right. Just tired of his babbling $h!t. We all can read. Typical East Coast @$$hole.

  • USConquer

    Yeah, no worries LTC…NJ Trojan annoys me every now and then as you might be able to tell from my past posts.