Woods On Offensive Breakdown

Wide receiver Robert Woods on the offensive woes against Stanford.
“We were backed up a lot on third down. It’s one of those things where a lot of things weren’t happening as expected. It was hard to get comfortable. They were blitzing left and right.”

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  • spedjones

    Is blitzing something unexpected? Really?

  • QueenKiff

    Woods comment on being “backed up a lot” goes hand in hand with Barkley & Kiff earlier having to deal with questions about not throwing down field. Being “backed up” is what down field throws are for. It’s not something your supposed to be “comfortable” with, but attempting would’ve certainly been better than 2 yard sideline passes to a double-covered Lee. The Hawaii & Cuse games set us up for failure because Kiff didn’t familiarize the passing game to attack down field. By the time Stanford got their blitzes going it was why too late, but still worth trying, to throw past the first down chains.

  • miguelito

    i can’t wait to watch Cal tee off on Barks.

    every team is going to follow stanfords gameplan

    too funny, did kiffs think all the defenses were gonna count to 3-apple?

  • USC owns the Rose Bowl


    Wow. Just stop now, pansy. Do you know ANYTHING about football? AT ALL? Do you REALLY think any team can just decide to rough up Barkley and succeed? Wouldn’t ALL teams just suddenly “be more physical” all the time? Stanford has loaded up on two thing: big, hefty offensive lineman/TEs and big, physical players in the front seven. ALL TEAMS DON’T HAVE THE PLAYERS THAT STANFORD HAS. You expect UCLA, Arizona, Cal, or Washington to just manhandle USC at the line of scrimmage because they saw Stanford do it?
    You sir, are an idiot. Watch some more football and learn a little something.