Kiffin On Practice

Before he stormed off from his press conference after 28 seconds, here’s what Lane Kiffin did say today:
“I thought the offense came out and was really crisp in both the running game and the passing game. It was good to see. Obviously it’s going to be needed to get back on track. We fully expect that to happen Saturday.”

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  • Trojanfan

    Kiff saw the Wolfman coming his way, so he cut things short.

    Look what you started wolfman

  • Evil Robot

    This is a stunning turn of events. If I didn’t know better, I would think that Kiffin regards dealing with reporters as the most hateful part of his job. It is strange, as his career has been riddled with moments of warm repartee with the press.

    Hopefully your editors can send you out to write a hard hitting 75 word piece on his willingness to discuss the injury status of the players.


    The sound of the reporter asking some question about T.J. was not Wolf’s. It was at that moment that Kiff blew off the meeting. He looked agitated. It is surprising that somebody facing the media everyday would not at least put up a front of amiability.

    Perhaps losing does that to a guy.

  • oneillwatch

    It looked to me like he was looking away from the camera. Avoiding it. He can’t be that mad over a tiff with a Daily News Reporter.

  • ProbationU

    Matt Barkley showing more maturity and class than his juvenile coach who handles defeat like a child. Kiffin is a little bee-yotch.

  • Medneggler

    Looked to me like he ate some bad mexican and had to make a mad dash for el bao.

  • Medneggler

    Either that or he saw Wolf approaching and messed himself. Wolf is definitely getting to Kiff, you can see the fear in his eyes.

  • VB

    What a loser.

  • in sheep’s clothing

    do you think wolf is in kiffin’s head as much as boy george is in bucket’s head?

  • marvgoux

    John McKay would never act that way. How embarrassing for our program.

  • Goatboy Kiffin

    Little Kiffy not getting his way, so he pouts and runs away … careful what you wish for dumb ass. You thought the Raider ending was painful wait until you get your dumb ass ran out of SC.

  • Encinitas Bruin

    The guy’s under a ton of pressure, and people do odd things when they are stressed. It’s interesting to contrast his handling of the media with his quarterback–who is half his age–who has carried himself with tact and class. Barkley seems like the bigger man this week.

  • ThaiMex

    HA the only shit more embarassing than this is Wolf himself what a joke!!!!!

  • USConquer

    you see what you caused Wolf? Kiffen is pissed and not looking good infront of the media and eventually you will be par\ for the course when he clamps down on you.

    Like my Nordic neighbor would say, vittu this ish.

  • ThaiMex

    SUCks…The model of “HOW NOT TO DO IT”!
    No wonder you guy’s are ALL Arrogant!
    fit on torgan!
    Come on guys…it’s only week 4 and all you RAH RAH’s are already asking for the guy’s head. Seems like just yesterday, PARALEGAL (w/all his TYPOS) and the other “Dirty Little Monkeys Boys” (you know who you are) were ALL PROUD of Goat Boy. A few of knew the truth, it was all part of the cover up not to expose The Tantrum throwing, Shallow Little Boy, “Born on 3rd base”.
    VISORS ARE FOR doUSChe bags!
    fit on torgan!