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This had the feel of a meal you eat and are hungry an hour later. Where was the beef? The offense still struggled with the return of Khaled Holmes. And this was not Stanford’s defense.

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  • Goatboy Kiffin

    That Cal qb is really bad , he was SC MVP. Goatboy’s offense was a complete mess again. The clown has no clue. Good thing this was 1-3 Cal.

  • USConquer


  • USConquer

    This was an u-g-l-y win. We’re not clicking on all 11-teen cylinders and when we are its still not enough to eventually win a truly good team. Cal is no Stanford. I wanted to smack our receivers after a couple of plays. Come on guys!! Pull your head out!

    Fight the F___ ON!! Or go back to Dodge!!

  • steve49

    Hey ain’t it funny, preseason all the “experts” and sportswriters said the offensive line was solid but the D-line was going to be a problem. Looks the opposite to me. Great job by running backs, and O-line did get them some holes, just not many.

  • schammer47


    I only got play-by-play of the game. MB7’s passing seemed to be off much of the game. Was it his fault or did our receivers drop passes/give up on their routes? Thanks !!!

  • NJ Trojan

    @steve49: The OL was considered solid because USC returned 4 of 5 starters from a team that went 10-2, 3rd in the P12, 16th in scoring O, and 6th in passing efficiency. Of course, USC was 51st in rushing O, and the starter that left was USC’s best. The DL has done really well & the D overall is definitely improving in year 3. What’s up with Barkley? I had to listen to the game so I couldn’t really tell what was going on? More of the same in the passing game or what?

  • BoscoH

    @USConquer… Both Woods and Lee dropped a long ball that MB7 threw nicely. One INT came when MB7 tried drilling a low ball in tight passing lanes just like he did on a TD to Lee — tipped and picked.

    Fumbling aside, I like Silas Redd. That first slow step to wait for the hole and then burst through it is something we haven’t seen since Fargas. Defense was very good today.


    Pretty sure USC covered the spread…win ugly? I call that domination running the ball. Now, the UCLA game was terrific! They proved they are pretenders. 8 point favorites at home and lose straight up. I knew that was coming.

  • LovetheCapper

    Did the bRuins lick the beavers?

  • LovetheCapper

    Hey NJ, if you weren’t such a cheap screw, you could get Pac 12 station or go to a sports bar and watch the game. Instead, I’m sure you read 12 magazines instead. I was there: we look like $h!t.

  • Trojanfan

    ^^^^Hey crapper, quit being a fuckin idiot…

    Mono said he would lick your beaver, but it smells like Buckets cock….LOL

  • LovetheCapper

    TF FU

  • tjmac

    QB and receivers still look shellshocked after last week. Barkley looking like a combination of JDB and Jim Everett.

  • steve49

    I think Barkley was hemmed in by Kiffins play calling. although two passes downfield were dropped most of the passing action was east and west, just what Kiff likes to call. And of course 3rd and 1 we go right up the middle twice and turn if over.

  • schammer47

    Did get to watch OSU-ucla. ucla was no where near phenomenal against the Beavers. Nebraska was made to look like cra*p by the Bruins. How bad is the Big 10?

    What a great win for OSU coach Riley !!! I have a world of respect for the man and the coach.

  • Troy79

    I take MB7 at his word that he is not playing for stats, although I’m not sure Kiffin isn’t. Kiffin’s game plan the first 3 weeks looked like he was coaching to win the Heisman, assuming that winning the game would follow. Nope! Even today he stalled the running game momentum for passing stats– (MB7’s first int). Kiffin’s no dummy–the Heisman’s done…he knows how to win though…after 4-weeks of coaching for the Heisman, the offensive play calling will now be forced to become more balanced and as the horses are seriously let out of the stable (McNeal/Redd) and MB7 throws less side to side (there on to you), he will settle down and SC will do serious PK-12 damage.

  • oregon111

    don’t feel too bad those of you ucla fans who frequent here…

    trojan fans also know the sting of losing to the beavers

  • Bill

    The Bruins looked so much better in a loss than SuC looked in a win against an awful Cal team!

    Don’t forget that this team was supposed to spank Alabama and the SEC schools! Joke of the year!

    SuC On!

  • Bill

    Cal really sucks! Tedford is as good as gone at the end of the season!

  • schammer47

    Not true, Senor Bilge. ucla’s season was just flushed down the toilet by the Beavs. Our Trojans will not lose another game this year despite the NCAA allowing the Hurry Up Offense, which is similar to giving a hitter in baseball an extra strike, 4 strikes, before striking out. Clear advantage to the offense. Exausting to the pitcher.

    oregon 111

    Your Ducks, without the HUO, were and are mediocre at best. Not anywhere near the TALENT, POWER, and PERFORMANCE of an unsantioned UNIVERSITY OF SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA. Oregon 111, already tired of your “cadre” crap coming from a DEFEATED FOE, whose class standing, wife, property and pet canary were ripped off by last years PAC-12 BIG DOG…….WE, THE TROJAN DYNASTY !!!

    Cap in hand, duckman, when you post on this blog.

    FIGHT ON !!!

  • USConquer

    Usually I’d look right at Barkley for blame at missed passes because if we are honest with ourselves bark sucks at accuracy in long passes. But yesterday lee & woods dropped idiotically simple passes that would have given us big yards. I thought our o line would look Betta with kh. We left a lot of missed assignments. Overall this gives me reasons to worry about the following games. CLK is not adjusting fast enough too change the tempo of the game for our advantage.

  • USConquer

    ElTroj: do you always have to talk BS or are you gonna contribute something with substance at some point?

    Fight on!

  • Ram-Man Kiffin

    That Cal qb was mighty indeed, but my offense won the day once again with precision, grace, and inner fire. Cash Money Genius, people.